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Everyone Will Suffer: All The Horror News To Keep You Fed For The Day

By TK Burton | Industry | February 13, 2012 |

By TK Burton | Industry | February 13, 2012 |

Three things that will either please you, tease you, or absolutely infuriate you.

First, the resurgence of Hammer films continues. The company, which recently burst back into theaters with the very solid The Woman In Black, was interviewed by Hey U Guys, and discussed their plans to bring some of the great characters from their catalog back to life. Among them are of course Dracula (made famous by Christopher Lee’s version in the Hammer films) and Frankenstein. CEO Simon Oakes said:

I think Hammer should make a contemporary Dracula, and I think if we can find a route in, which we’re looking at right now, then the answer is yes… The thing is that most of the films are remarkable as such, they’re caught in a time capsule of their own but we should do a contemporary Dracula, we should do our version of a Frankenstein film.”

Other possibilities on their horizon would be the revival of the films featuring Bernard Quatermass of the British Experimental Rocket Group. If you’ve never seen any of the Quatermass films, my favorite being Andrew Keir’s depiction in Quatermass and the Pit, you owe it to yourself.

Next, SyFy network news, which is rarely good. This is no exception — the SyFy channel has decided to make a TV show that no one will watch out of a movie that everyone regretted seeing. Yes, the Paul Bettany fallen angel film Legion is coming to the small screen, with the film’s director/co-writer Scott Stewart heading it up and with “Sons of Anarchy” writer Vaun Wilmott doing the penning. If you saw Legion, a boring, stupid, uninspired and thoroughly unfulfilling apocalypse n’ angels shitshow, you have my sympathies.
(via The Playlist).

Finally, the brief but effectively creepy trailer for Sadako 3D, the newest entry in the Japanese Ring franchise. Popularized by the amazing first film, Ringu, and then continued through a string of sequels and prequels, some Japanese and some not, as well as a very good American remake (that spawned a decidedly not good sequel), the film will continue the exploits of possessed movies, creepy kids, and will make you never drink well water ever again.

(via The Daily What)

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