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Airing What They Paid For

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | October 14, 2009 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | October 14, 2009 |

DVR ratings are still in their infancy, but networks are starting to pay attention to them, which has granted “Dollhouse” fans a (slight) bit of good news.

“Dollhouse” only managed a 1.0 rating last Friday, which represents slightly less viewership than your nightly masturbation if you include your dog, your cat, and the nauseated government operatives watching you on Echelon. But, the DVR numbers show a 50% gain over real time (i.e. for every person who watched it live, a limbless torso watched it on his TiVo), whereas the average show only adds 14% to its rating. So Fox is promising to air all 13 of the episodes for which its already paid! That’s a step up for a Joss Whedon show, usually they just refuse to air the last few episodes and stop returning his calls.

Of course, the problem with percentiles is that 50% of nothing is still nothing, so “Dollhouse” is unlikely to get any more than the 13 episodes of this season. But since he can read the writing on the wall, Joss has said that he’ll wrap up the show to an ending point, you know, without having to get Universal make a movie and all that.

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