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Does This Hoodie Make Me Look Short? The New Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Poster, Plus Cruise Talks One Shot

By TK Burton | Industry | October 26, 2011 |

By TK Burton | Industry | October 26, 2011 |

So, here’s the poster for the upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which features Cruise front and center — in a fuckin’ badass hoodie, yo — as well as co-stars Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, and a surprisingly tough-looking Simon Pegg. There’s not much to say about it, other than I love Cruise being in the foreground so you can’t tell that he’s a goddamn runt. Don’t get me wrong — he’s a runt who makes a mean action movie, and since I thoroughly enjoyed the first and third Mission Impossible movies, I’m pretty excited. Throw in the fact that Brad Bird (The Incredibles) is directing and the possibility of catching a preview of The Dark Knight Rises if you catch the IMAX version (only the 70mm kind, though), and I’m there.


In other Tom Cruise news, I think I speak for many Jack Reacher fans when I say that Cruise being cast in One Shot is one of the most aggravating casting decisions of all time. For a character whose physicality is such a critical component, it just seems wrong on so many levels (in the books, Reacher is a 6’5”, 250 pound force of nature who also happens to be a brilliant investigator and an aimless ex-MP drifter). But it’s happening, and there ain’t nothin’ we can do about it (except, of course, bitch on the internet).

Regardless, author Lee Child has apparently wholeheartedly endorsed the casting decision. In an interview with Empire, Cruise had the following to say:

“This is Lee’s book and Lee’s character. Him giving me his blessing is what made me do it. If he hadn’t then I wouldn’t have done it… Lee told me that the reason he wrote him that size (6′ 5″) is because that was just one element to his character, and that opened the door to me playing him… Reacher is such a great character,”
(via FSR)

Here’s what Childs’ website had to say:

Lee has spent equal time on either side of the page/screen divide and understands better than most that changes are necessary and inevitable. And like Reacher he doesn’t favor half-measures…if we’re going to have a movie, then let’s have a movie star in it! There is only a small handful of genuine global male stars. All are great actors — you don’t get to be a star if you don’t have the chops—but Cruise might well be the best of his generation… Plus, from an author’s point of view, it’s more exciting to see a new and fresh vision. Lee doesn’t want to see a literal translation.

OK, so whoever writes that website is jerking Cruise’s junk a little too much there. I mean, sure, if you want a movie to do well, then you cast a big star. But couldn’t they have found a big star who was actually, you know, big?

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