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Do They Only Stand By Ignorance?

By Miscellaneous | Industry | September 16, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | September 16, 2010 |

They’re making a film out of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Yes, the poem. Dense prose, religious themes, you read it in English class. My gut instinct would be to think that there’s a reason it hasn’t been made into a film yet, but then I heard more about it; it’s starting to look like it could work.

Sources say the film will focus on the battle between the forces of Heaven and the rogue angels lead by Lucifer. It’s said to include “aerial combat,” and it will almost certainly be in three dimensions. Angel fights, yo. If you’re familiar with the “Dante’s Inferno” video game, it’ll probably be something similar. You got a taste of angel fights from Legion, but that was mostly using mortal weapons. The visuals of a heavenly battle between heavenly hosts (that should number in the millions) will be awesome if they succeed. The man chosen to direct is Alex Proyas of Dark City and Knowing fame.

His work on Dark City was original, interesting, and pretty damn cool. The Inception-like shifting city gives me hope that he could create a “Heaven” that wasn’t just glowy lights and puffy clouds. On the other hand, all I remember from Knowing was a dream sequence with a magnificent flaming moose. (And there’s probably a joke there somewhere but I have to leave the moose jokes for Robert Scott. It’s in his contract.)

There are a lot of good things in this story. It’s a classic work that will get more attention through a film adaptation. The director has the talent to make something really unique and action-packed. More importantly, it’s not based on a board game, or a television show that aired before I was born. And it’s not a remake, just an adaptation of one small part of a poem.

Yes, the work will be slightly bastardized. No, we probably won’t get to see some sweet Garden of Eden nudity. And yes, John Milton is probably spinning in his grave, but a pure adaptation would be 5 hours long and pretty boring. So let him spin and maybe we’ll be lucky and get an action film with some flashy images.

(via Variety)

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