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Disney Stands Up To Anti-Gay Bill in Georgia and We Don't Know What Anything Means Anymore

By Riley Silverman | Industry | March 23, 2016 |

By Riley Silverman | Industry | March 23, 2016 |

For a company whose founder has often been, at best, alleged to have had some less than progressive points of view, Disney seems to have markedly changed their public tune in recent decades. Despite a long history of animated villains drawing from coded gay stereotypes.. like.. I don’t know, this one:


Or this one:


Or this one:


Or.. okay, you get it.

Anyway, THAT Disney has announced that they will cease any and all business within the state of Georgia if Governor Nathan Deal signs a bill into law that will permit discrimination based on sexuality. Disney films several projects in the Peach State, including a whole slate of Marvel films like the recently completed Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Losing the mouse house’s business could cause a major squeeze on a region previously on track to become the Hollywood of the 21st Century.

Disney joins the NFL, which has announced that they will re-consider allowing Atlanta to host upcoming Super Bowls if the bill becomes law. Leaving us now in a world where the most wholesome name in entertainment and an organization that is practically synonymous with modern masculinity have both drawn a firm line, either on an animation deck or on the grassy field, to stand on the side of inclusion and equality.

When you factor in that other major corporations like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Home Depot have also been raising opposition to the bill, we’re now living in a world where somehow major corporations are starting to duke it out with the same lawmakers that we all assume they’ve bought anyway over the moral compass of the modern nation. When a company that actively destroyed the very concept of public domain, which helped it to become an empire to begin with, starts looking like the good guys, I only have one reaction:

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