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Fox Is Developing A New 'Die Hard' Movie Featuring A Young McClane And An Old McClane. Like 'Godfather 2,' But Not Good

By Petr Knava | Industry | October 15, 2015 |

By Petr Knava | Industry | October 15, 2015 |

In terrible, depressing news, it looks like another Die Hard movie is on the way. See Hans above for guidance as to how to respond to this.

Deadline is reporting that the director of the appalling fourth movie (aka Live Free or Die Hard aka ‘John McClane is a superhero now’), Len Wiseman, is most likely set to return to helm number six, after handing the reigns to John Moore for number five (aka A Good Day to Die Hard aka ‘Jai Courtney … seriously?’).

The deal hasn’t yet technically been fully worked out: Wiseman is still in talks with Fox alongside producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura — despite the latter’s affiliation with Paramount — but everything looks pretty much good to go. For those not in the know, di Bonaventura is the producer behind the G.I. Joe movies, as well as the franchise that will eventually weaken and destroy the barrier between our world and the dimension of torment — Transformers.

What we do know is that the gimmick this time round won’t be Omniscient Hackers like in 4; or John McClane Has A Son like in 5; but a Godfather 2-esque young-protagonist/old-protagonist wraparound, with a younger actor being brought in to play the young, as-of-yet-untested-by-Nakatomi New York cop.

The amount of vitriol I have for the people who decided to stretch this series out past a trilogy is near infinite. It ended perfectly twenty years ago, dammit; with John and Zeus bruised, bloodied, but victorious around a burning helicopter wreck; Hans Gruber’s brother brought to a swift end by a lone bullet to some electrical wire. Perfect!

Hell, even the relative shiftest that is Die Hard 2 — sandwiched as it is between the perfect action (and Christmas) movie that is Die Hard and the near-perfection of Die Hard With a Vengeance — now looks like a shining gem in the post-Die Hard 4 era. This is probably because while it’s not actually a very good movie, at least it stays true to what John McClane is meant to be — a human being. A battered, alcoholic, worn down human being who just happens to be a cop and possess a never-ending reserve of bad luck and tenacity, sure, but a human being nonetheless. He’s not meant to be one of the Avengers or the Furious gang, which is what the two latter movies essentially turned him into.

This is John McClane:
die hard1.gif

This is not John McClane:
die hard 4.gif

Look at that shirt. It’s not torn or stained even a little bit!

The fact that this new installment will be flashing back to a younger McClane may mean that the epic heroism and destruction might be scaled down to a human level again, but considering the people onboard I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

die hard ellis.gif

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