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"Deadpool" Will Be Filthy

By Miscellaneous | Industry | September 15, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | September 15, 2010 |

Wolverine was disappointing. The nerds were promised Deadpool and Gambit, but the characters they were given were not the ones they knew from the comics.

So, now that there’s talk of Deadpool: The Movie, how can we be excited again? An interview with Ryan Reynolds in the L.A. Times might help.

In the interview, Reynolds calls Deadpool, “a nasty piece of work.” Considering that he’s a mercenary with a hideously deformed face, this makes me perk up a bit. He adds, “It’s like Barfly if it were a superhero movie.”

Consider that. We’ve had a few loser superhero movies (Kick-Ass, Defendor, and the upcoming Rainn Wilson film), but Deadpool is supposed to be fun, snarky, blockbuster material. Not what Reynolds is calling “the world of an emotionally damaged person.” I know this is a lot to take from just an interview but I can dream right? Especially when Deadpool is being compared to a fresh prison inmate who has to hit the biggest guy in the yard to get some respect. (And that statement in the interview has to create some cross-over potential. Who is a heavy-hitter in the Marvel Universe that would be allowed in this movie?)

A few more things can be gleaned from the interview: First, the “Fourth Wall” will be broken, in the classic Deadpool/Zach Morris way.

Second, the events in the Deadpool movie won’t be influenced by the events of Wolverine. It’s very possible they’ll ignore it as much as we do. Third, Robert Rodriguez really liked the script. You can read that however you want. He might direct.

So the idea is to make a superhero in a downward spiral. A film that is emotionally dark while still providing the action and comedy that’s expected from the Merc With a Mouth. Is there a director who could handle that? I know Batman was very conflicted and angry but he didn’t bring the laughs. Spider-Man should have been funny. I’m not sure it’s possible to balance those three things once you include spandex.

So what’s your take on it? Is there any way that this script won’t be screwed by a studio? Would any Bea Arthur references be considered tasteless now?

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