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The Predator Is F**ked

By TK Burton | Industry | September 29, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Industry | September 29, 2009 |

Punch Drunk Critics scored themselves a nifty little tidbit of information when they interviewed Danny Trejo at Hunt Valley, MD’s Horrorfind. Not only did he talk a little bit about Machete, which he says will maintain the atmosphere of the faux trailer from Grindhouse (one of the highlights, really, and easily the best of its trailers), and he also talked a wee bit about the delayed Sin City 2.

Oh, and he’s going to be in the next Predator movie. It’s being produced by Robert Rodriguez, so this isn’t much of a shocker — they’re close friends (and second cousins, according to IMDB). The reboot, titled Predators, will be directed by Nimród Antal (Armored, Vacancy). Ironically, back in April Dustin wrote about both Trejo in Machete, as well as news about Predators, in the same post. Weird.

In any event, some may recall that I was initially pretty irate about the remake news, but now? Well, I’m still annoyed, but less so. I love Trejo. He’s one of the hardest working dudes in Hollywood - I think he averages about 4-5 pictures per year. He’s a legitimate badass — a reformed drug dealer and user who did time for both drugs as well as armed robbery. And? He looks friggin’ terrifying. Plus, he has two of my favorite actor quotes on his IMDB bio page:

[On being promoted from a $50/day extra to a $350/day boxing coach:] “How bad do you want this kid beat up?”

and this:

[After being told the actor might hit back:] “For $350 a day, give him a bat. I used to get beat up for free.”

Anyway, here’s video of PDC’s interview:

BONUS VIDEO! Because you are delightful little morsels of geekery, I have a special treat for you:

You are so screwed, Predators.

TK Burton is an Editorial Consultant. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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