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By Miscellaneous | Industry | May 27, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Industry | May 27, 2010 |

Sex and the City 2 dominated the entertainment news today but by this hour even that teat has been sucked drier than … the teats on display in the movie.
Teats! (Disclaimer: I almost called someone to ask if there were any boobs in SATC2. But I decided to keep my dignity. It could be a story to some folks. There’s got to be some old-boob fetishists out there.)

The Internet hasn’t given me a lot of material to write about, so I have to pluck some from that terrible Meatspace they call Real Life.

I heard through a source of mine that the third Harold and Kumar, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is going to be filming in Detroit soon and will need a bunch of extras. So, for once, I’m going to hear about shooting in Detroit and drive towards it!
These bad jokes are for you people, you made me do it! Dancing for your amusement!

I think Pajiba has given this next story a tiny bit of press, but Hugh Jackman is going to be making a movie in Detroit called Real Steel. It hasn’t been mentioned that the film will have Evangeline Lilly AND Kevin Durand (a.k.a Keamy). You Losties might like that, eh? Keamy gets a weird amount of love around here.

You won’t like that Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) is directing. But it’s actually shooting a floor below my Mom’s office so I might kidnap Huge Ackman, if only to get a story to write about.

Lastly, ComingSoon announced that Pacificor LLC has retained the rights to the Terminator franchise. I guess that means McG will be getting his paws back on it. That name makes him so easy to hate. And this Terminator ownership news would only be a story if they had let Joss Whedon buy it like he wanted.

It’s so dry around here that I can’t even leave you with a conversation topic. How about this, in keeping with the Michigan theme.

Lake Michigan. Great Lake? Or The Greatest Lake?