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Christian Slater Joins a Very Exclusive List of Failures

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | March 28, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | March 28, 2014 |

There are plenty of actors and actresses who have been in a series of failed sitcoms, but few have managed to do so in such spectacularly failing fashion as Christian Slater. The following show killer have plenty of failures under their belts, but they all have at least one show that made it to a second season (in bold).

Andre Anders: “Mr. Sunshine,” “Better Off Ted,” “The Class,” and “Joey”

Jaime King: “My Generation, “Gary Unmarried,” “The Class,” “Kitchen Confidential,” “Harry Green and Eugene,” “Hart of Dixie.”

Joely Fisher: “Wild Card,” “Baby Bob,” “Danny,” “Normal Ohio,” and “Grosse Point,” “Ellen,” and “Til Death.”

Judy Greer: “Glen Martin DDS,” “Mad Love,” “Miss Guided,” “Love Monkey,” “Love and Money,” “Maggie Winters,” and “Arrested Development.”

Summer Glau: “Good Morning Rabbit,” “The Cape,” “Dollhouse,” “The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “The Unit,” and “Firefly.”

David Krumholtz: “The Lyon’s Den,” “Lucky,” “Undeclared,” “The Trouble with Normal,” “The Closer,” “Chicago Sons,” “Numb3rs,” “Monty.”

Laura Allen: “Awake,” “Dirt,” “Terriers,” “Ravenswood.”

Mark Valley: “Human Target,” “Swingtown,” “Emily’s Reason’s Why Not,” “Keen Eddie,” “I’m with Her,” Harry Green and Eugene,” “Pasadena,” “The Lone Gunmen,” “Brimstone,” “LateLine,” “Boston Legal,” “Harry’s Law,” “Gideon’s Crossing.”

The actors and actresses above have had terrible, terrible runs, but at least they could say that they were in at least one hit show for more than a season. The actors and actresses below, however, fit into a much more exclusive club*: They’ve had multiple series go to air (at least four), and none of them have made it to a second season.

Lindsay Price: “Love Bites,” “Eastwick,” “Lipstick Jungle,” “Pepper Dennis,” “Kitchen Confidential,” “The Mountain,” “Coupling,”” “Jack and Jill,” and “Head over Heels.”

Rena Sofer: “Dirty Sexy Money,” “Blind Justice,” “Mr. Nice Guy,” “Coupling,” “The Chronicle,” “Opposite Sex,” “Timecop,” and “Oh, Grow Up”

M├Ądchen Amick: “My Own Worst Enemy,” “Viva Laughlin,” “Kidnapped,” “Freddie,” “Queens Supreme,” and “CPW.”

Justin Louis: “Durham County,” “1-800-Missing,” “Hidden Hills,” “Mutant X,” “The Fighting Fitzgeralds,” “The Fugitive,” “Battery Park,” “Trinity” “The Net,” “Three,” “Cracker: Mind over Murder,” “Public Morals,” “Local Heroes,” “Cobra,” and “Urban Angel.”

The latest member to join that exclusive club? Christian Slater, whose “Mind Games” was cancelled after five episodes. You can add that failure to “The Forgotten,” “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Breaking In.”

However, to be fair, Breaking In did get a second season, but it’s first season was only half a season, and it was cancelled halfway through its second season, which is to say: There are fewer episodes of “Breaking In” in two seasons than there are in one season of the typical network sitcom (and also, technically, “Breaking In” was cancelled after one season, but it was resurrected).

(*There may be more. In fact, I’m sure there must be. These are the only ones I could locate, however.)

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