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I Won't Tell You You Can Save Yourself, Because You Can't

By TK Burton | Industry | November 10, 2010 |

By TK Burton | Industry | November 10, 2010 |

Wrath Of The Titans, it’s going to be called. Not a bad title, actually. Don’t know if it’s going to make much sense — Lord knows that when you actually see the film (the original or the remake), Clash Of The Titans didn’t make much sense either. There were very few titans, and they certainly didn’t do much clashing with each other. It was also the only movie I’ve ever reviewed without actually seeing.

Writing that review broke something inside of me.

But that’s neither here nor there. There’s going to be a sequel to this year’s clumsy, clunky, but loud and kaboomy Clash Of The Titans. Sam Worthington, the most stone-faced superstar available today, will likely return as Perseus, as will Gemma Arterton (Io), Ralph Fiennes (Hades) and Liam Neeson (Super-Sparkly Zeus). Now we’ve got rumors of the first actors to be linked to other parts, though at this point it’s simply rumor. The actors are “circling” the parts, meaning that someone offered them about it, and the script is sitting on their coffee table while they’re out having cocktails.

Jonathan Liebesman is confirmed as the new director, taking over from Louis Leterrier, who will instead produce. As much as I want to support Liebesman — he’s South African and I like to support my countrymen — he’s got a resume that’s spotty at best, including films like Darkness Falls and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning). Wrath of the Titans is scheduled to begin shooting in January of 2011, for a 2012 release.

Anyway, the casting. They’re both pretty weird ideas.

First up is none other than James Franco, because dude is linked to everything these days, as Agenor, the Phoenician king of Tyre and a son of Poseidon. Who knows if that’ll happen, particularly if the buzz for 127 Hours picks up steam. Then again, Franco might be looking for a blockbuster to get his name out there even more. Who the fuck knows with him though. He was in Pineapple Express and “General Hospital.” Ladies and gents, the most unpredictable actor in Hollywood.

The second one is Javier Bardem, as Ares, God of War (the actual one, not Kratos). Again, who knows if it’ll come to fruition, but Bardem could bring some serious talent to the project.

That’s just the thing, though. Wooden leads aside (and Arterton, who is indeed lovely, was absolutely dull in Clash), the projects have been drawing in major talents. If you’d told me three years ago that Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes would end up in a goddamn shitty genre film remake, I’d have laughed in your face. But now? Who the hell knows. We’ve got Frances McDormand in Transfomers 3, for fuck’s sake. There’s no order to this universe.

Anyway, I’ll see it anyway, because I’ll see anything. If these rumors do pan out, it’ll make it that much more intriguing… and probably that much more disappointing.

(source: Dark Horizons)

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