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Can I Offer You a Glass of Champagna?

By Cindy Davis | Industry | October 17, 2010 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | October 17, 2010 |

I can’t think of a more perfect pairing than Todd Solondz and Christopher Walken - how have these two not gotten together before? Matter of fact, if Walken ever does the film version of “The Continental” (in which he’s expressed interest), I think the perfect director has landed in his lap. Meanwhile we’ll have to content ourselves with the sheer peanut-butter-cuppiness of this pairing in Solondz’s new film, Dark Horse. Walken and Mia Farrow play the parents of 30-something Abe (Jordan Gelber), who still lives with them and spends his time playing games and collecting toys. Abe’s girlfriend Miranda (Selma Blair) is another loser, 30-year-old living at home until Abe decides he’s going to make something of himself by marrying her; just when he thinks things are beginning to go right, everything goes “horribly wrong”.

From this description all I can tell you is that I could give a shit about Abe and Miranda; all I want to see is Christopher Walken being the kind of hysterically funny, asshole father we all know he could be - or perhaps with Mia Farrow, just a completely loony-tunes version of Seinfeld’s parents. One thing we won’t have to worry about though (at least in this particular film) are some of Solondz’s usual cringe-inducing, should-I-laugh-or-not themes. Of his talent agency’s happiness after reading the script Solondz said, “It’s funny, it’s the first time they actually like one of my scripts and I realized [in “Dark Horse”], there’s no rape, there’s no child molestation, there’s no masturbation, and then I thought, ‘omg, why didn’t I think of this years ago?’”

Hmm, maybe he can get Walken back for The Continental: His Dark Side.

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