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Joss Whedon Recruits More People to Kill

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | March 10, 2009 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | March 10, 2009 |

We’ve written before about The Cabin in the Woods, a horror flick co-written by Joss Whedon, who’s producing, and Drew Goddard, who’s directing. The United Artists film just added five young actors to the cast: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, and Jesse Williams. Of the group, Kranz will be the one recognized by Whedonites; he plays Topher, the computer geek/programming guru who programs the personalities of the agents on Whedon’s “Dollhouse.” (I actually had to IMDb his character name, since the series has provided little in the way of concrete personalities; when I see him on screen, I think, “Hey, there’s Not-Xander again.”)

The plot and character descriptions are still being withheld by the studio, so there’s still not a lot to go on besides the fact that there’s this cabin, and it’s in the woods, and people go there and do things. The screenplay is rumored to be “genre-tweaking,” which sounds about right for Whedon. The guy can do amazing things with genre when given a chance. (Space Western, anyone?)

Additionally, the film’s release has been pushed back from Oct. 23 to Feb. 5 of next year, most likely because Oct. 23 also sees the release of the hotly anticipated Saw VI, and when I say “hotly anticipated,” I mean, “Please people for the love of all this is holy stop seeing these movies so Hollywood stops making them.” The February date should work well, too, since spring always sees a bump in horror releases. The film is already shooting.