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Black Celebrity Defends Homophobia by Claiming to Have a Gay Friend

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | June 8, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | June 8, 2010 |

I don’t know what this is really all about, but apparently some people (read: the media) decided that UFC fighter Rampage Jackson — who is playing B.A. Baracus in the upcoming A-Team reboot — is something of a homophobe, based on his comments made during a set visit in which he said that “acting is kind of gay” and that “Vancouver strikes me as a San Francisco-kind of place.” Some people (read: a faux-outraged media) got upset that a UFC fighter made a dumb gay crack, which forced Rampage Jackson to defend himself in a blog post, where he actually did make some real homophobic remarks.

Here’s a taste:

I am a black man from Memphis Tennessee who grew up in the south where I faced discrimination my whole life. I know very well how it feels for someone to judge you for something you have no control over so having gone through that I know how it feels. I took a vow that I didn’t even have to say that I would never discriminate against anybody for anything other that how they treat me or others around them. So not only DO I NOT HATE gay people, I actually accept them for who and what they are. They always seem happy and most of them I met are very kind and nice individuals. (Italics added).

You know what my favorite part of that quote is? The suggestion that most gays are “happy” and “very kind and nice individuals.” Ha! See: Clearly, this man doesn’t know many gay men.

And then he goes on about his experience as a frequenter of a friend’s gay bar.

But I have to say that I visited her bar several times before this event. Not only did I enjoy myself but I was relieved that the guys at this bar did not hound me once. No one offered to buy me a drink. Not once did anybody try to take pictures with me with their arms all around me or do the what I call the ‘prom date picture’.. taking a picture while holding your lower back.. which is my pet peeve by the way.

A-ha! So gay men are all right, as long as they’re not buying you drinks or trying to feel you up, because that’s what gay men do, right? They are happy, kind people who want to grab your junk and pose for prom photos.

Honestly I mean this in the best way, me being a sports figure I attract a lot of male attention wherever I go and MOST straight fans act GAYER than any guys that was at this gay bar that I visited my homegirl at.

So, what he’s saying is, most straight guys act kind and happy and grab his junk even more than the gay guys do.

This being said, when I did this interview the interviewer witnessed my friend giving me shit and calling me gay. I was so embarrassed and didn’t want my ego tainted because I’m a big tough fighter.

Oh, I see: It all makes sense to me now. You can’t be a big tough fighter if you’re gay, right? Because if you’re gay, you’re too busy being happy and kind and grabbing other guys’ junk to be a big tough fighter.

Thanks for clearing that up, Rampage Jackson.

(Note: I don’t actually think Rampage is a homophobe, either. He’s just not very skilled with the media. Also, he probably doesn’t know very many gay people. And he’s kind of insecure. It’s adorable, really. I think his feelings are hurt because not enough gay men want to grab his junk.)

(Via Movieline)

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