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Biz Break: Sly Stallone Calls Bruce Willis "Greedy and Lazy," and Somewhere in the World, Kevin Smith Feels Vindicated

By Jodi Smith | Industry | August 7, 2013 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | August 7, 2013 |

The Muppets Most Wanted is being released on March 21, 2014, so we now have the first trailer. I think Tina Fey might have a mustache at one point in the trailer and Animal has learned the word sequel. Sequel. SEQUEL!

Sylvester Stallone is super pissed at Bruce Willis. Stallone accuses Willis of being “GREEDY AND LAZY ….. A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.” on his official Twitter account. It seems that the two gentlemen were unable to enter into an agreement concerning the return of Willis’ character for the third installment of The Expendables, resulting in hurt feelings and an all-caps super sweet BURN. So hardcore, bro.


Harrison Ford will now be joining Stallone’s mercenary crew flick in a new role that was definitely not originally done by Willis, you guys. I’m fairly certain that Carl Weathers is anxiously waiting by his phone, wondering why he won’t be joining Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, and Wesley Snipes in Shooty Old Men The Expendables 3.

Paul Ruebens has been working with Paul Rust (“The Pee Wee Herman Show On Broadway”) on a script for the new Pee Wee Herman movie. Judd Apatow is producing the movie and there is allegedly a director on board as well. No one involved is ready to reveal the director’s identity yet. Could it be…LARGE MARGE?? BUT SHE’S DEAD!


Bryan Singer has shared that Evan Peterson’s Quicksilver will be filmed at 3600 frames per second in X-Men Days of Future Past. As long as Quicksilver doesn’t look like a speedy vampire pulling a Benny Hill sequence up a mountain, I’m optimistic that this will result in an awesome display of the character’s ability to be fast. Like your mom.

Since The Conjuring has made over $100 million at the domestic box office, there is OF COURSE a sequel in the works. The rumor, according to Ain’t It Cool News, is that producers will dig into the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren for more inspiration and possible box office gold. Personally, I didn’t think The Conjuring was scary, but it was an interesting watch. Okay, maybe I jumped at one point that involved SPOILER jumping from SPOILER and then SPOILER the SPOILER, because that was creepy.

Either way, there seems to be a case of possessed sisters from Enfield, England that caught the attention of the Warrens in the 70s. One of the sisters allegedly vanished into thin air in front of the Warrens and then reappeared several feet away, contorted inside a fuse box. Meh.

You know what is scary? The teaser for “American Horror Story: Coven”. Why? There is no explanation for why those women are stuck to the room like Wacky Wall Walkers.

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