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Biz Break: Dear Millennials: If Anyone Ever Tells You That Your Generation is the Worst, Show Them This Video and Tell Them to go F--- Themselves

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | August 6, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | August 6, 2013 |

  • Christopher McQuarrie, who has a hit and miss record as a screenwriter (The Usual Suspects, The Tourist) is set to direct Mission Impossible 5. His last stab at directing was Jack Reacher, an immensely serviceable Tom Cruise flick, which is likely what we can expect from MI: 5.

  • I’m not particularly stoked that director Gil Kenan (Monster House) is remaking Poltergeist, although I have rewatched it in my adulthood and found it to be laughably unscary. However, the fact that they have cast two of my favorite people — Rosemarie Dewitt and now Sam Rockwell — ensures that I will at least show up to support those two.

    The Weinsteins are cutting 20 minutes from their international release of Chris Evans either because 1) the Weinsteins think we’re too dumb to watch a movie that is 20 minutes longer (the Twitchfilm argument) or 2) the film is actually better edited down.

  • Meanwhile, Josh Gad is the latest actor to be attached to a Larry Charles’ long-gestating Sam Kinison biopic. The previous attachee was Dan Fogler, who — like Gad — is a celebrated Broadway actor who is terribly obnoxious (intentionally, and less so) on both the big and small screen. To be fair, Kinson had his obnoxious moments, too, like — for instance — his music video for “Wild Thing.”

    The nostalgia (and shame) is overwhelming. The 80s! Where rock stars stood and watched a busty woman (Jessica Hahn) writhe around in a pit.

    Dear Millennials: If anyone ever tells you that your generation is the worst, show them this video and tell them to go f*ck themselves.

    Yes, of course, the fact that E! is developing an unscripted series inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram is terrible and obnoxious and a sure sign of the apocalypse, but at least it doesn’t involve a grown man yelling about trampy ex-girlfriends and simulating sex acts on a woman famous for a sex scandal with a televangelist while other grown men stand around, laugh, rock out on their guitars. Oh, but sure, the fact that Mumford and Sons is way earnest so much more appalling, right?

    Jesus, what the f*ck was wrong with us?

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