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Biz Break: Ben Whishaw Gay Marries, and Raven Symone Can't Wait To

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | August 5, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | August 5, 2013 |

  • I had no idea that Ben Whishaw — he of “The Hours,” Cloud Atlas, and the James Bond franchise — was even gay, but he got gay married to his longtime partner, Australian composer Mark Bradshaw. In fact, the two got hitched via civil partnerhsip a year ago, and Whishaw is only now confirming both the marriage and that he is gay. As Sarah Carlson noted upon finding out, “I should’ve known, considering I’m attracted to him.” Don’t I know it, sister.

  • In related news, former “Cosby Show” and “That’s So Raven” star Raven Symone, also revealed via Twitter that she’s a lesbian.

    Why are we even talking about people’s sexual orientation in 2013, I ask in anticipation of you asking? I dunno, y’all. I think it’s kind of cool, OK? If you want to make a big deal out of me making a big deal to prove a point about how it’s not a big deal, go for it. It’s the Internet! Or as I like to call it, “The place where buzzkills kill our enthusiasm!”

  • No one will kill my enthusiasm for this news, however. “Parks and Rec” continues to cast the bizarro Eagleton counterparts, and after perfectly casting Sam Elliot as Ron Swanson’s counterpart, they have now enrolled Billy Eichner to play Donna’s Eagleton counterpart. That could not be any more perfect.

  • Meanwhile, FX is adapting Fargo into a television series (or, trying again to adapt it; an previous attempt was unsuccessful) and they have tapped Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo, the rootless, manipulative man who meets a small-town insurance salesman and sets him on a path of destruction, i.e., the Buscemi role. Thornton is really one of those epitomous Coen Brothers actors, so I think this suits the series just fine (and yes, I know “epitomous” is not a word, but it should be).

  • Most people know by now that James Franco — who is determined to simultaneously be an A-list star and a washed-up actor — is going to be roasted by Comedy Central later this month. Now we know that Seth Rogen will serve as his roast master, and just like that, James Franco has elevated Comedy Central’s roasts into event television.

  • There is something wrong with an individual who is willing to watch the “I Would Walk (500) Miles” sequence from “How I Met Your Mother” for 10 STRAIGHT HOURS, but I think the only thing that could possibly be sadder is watching a guy watching the “I would Walk (500) Miles” sequence for ten straight hours. But you’re more than free to do so.

  • For sh*ts and giggles, you should see this: The Daily Mail went full-on psycho on Benedict Cumberbatch, basically writing an entire profile based on their perception of his state of mind. It’s 2000 words of baseless, insane bullsh*t, or about what you’d expect from The Daily Mail. Here’s a taste:

    He’s a mass of insecurities — defensive about his schooling, constantly seeking approval, afraid to turn work down and filled with self-reproach over his failure to find a wife and have children.

    Yet at 37, Benedict Cumberbatch is Britain’s newest global star, a sex symbol who can command multi-million dollar fees from the world’s top film-makers.

    So why, with the world at his feet, is the Sherlock actor so desperately unsure of himself? And is his debilitating self-doubt in danger of derailing his progress to career superstardom — and his own personal happiness? Could it be that, in the past, his emotional intensity and his urgent yearning to become a father have scuppered relationships?


  • Finally, I leave you with the trailer for Diablo Cody’s directorial debut, Paradise, which stars Julianne Hough as a conservative woman who is “barbecued in jet fuel” and decides to go to Vegas and check off her sin list with the assistance of Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer. The movie — which will debut on DirectTV later this month — looks decidedly mediocre, but it is strange to see Nick Offerman not only bad, but with no moustache.

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