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Big Head Alien and the Monsters

By Cindy Davis | Industry | January 30, 2011 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | January 30, 2011 |

So it looks like we’re going to get jerked around a bit with this Prometheus-is-or-is-not-an-Alien-related-film stuff. First it was described as a prequel, then that was denied. Next, we were told there would be some shout-outs to the Alien mythology, but no one seemed really sure what they might be. So I guess we have to take everything we hear with a grain of salt; par for the trade news course.

*Note: The following may be spoilers so read at your own peril.

According to Sky, the rumors that Prometheus would lack our familiar HR Giger alien friends were misleading and in fact, the aliens play a major role. Sky’s inside source has seen the Alien space jockey cockpit already built and tells them that the Prometheus cast will be heading to the “alien homeworld.” In addition, (sneaky) Ridley Scott’s recent comments that the film would contain “strands of Alien DNA” were apparently meant to be taken literally, as the way to the alien world is found through their remains, discovered during an archeological dig.

So far, this all sounds quite plausible and interesting; add to the plot details the confirmation of Michael Fassbender (Jonah Hex, Inglourious Basterds) having been cast as an android. So we’ve got Noomi Rapace, Fassbender, our favorite Martians and a trip to the home planet? Sounds fantastic; maybe even good enough to make me stop despising script writer, Damon Lindelof.

Now here comes the weird part: Per Sky’s source, “The main spaceship in the film will be piloted by an enormous head which I assume will be CGI. Yep, sounds weird but I assume some of the technology will be sort of biomechanical.”

An enormous head? The Big Giant Head? William Shatner? Oh please, Godtopus, make it happen.

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