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Because It Had to Be Done: A List of Actual Confirmed Casting Choices for the Major Superhero Movies

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | February 3, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | February 3, 2011 |

New Yorker columnist and author, Malcolm Gladwell, often writes about how the proliferation of intelligence actually makes us less knowledgeable. The 9/11 Attacks, for instance: If intelligence agencies had simply connected the dots, the entire tragedy could’ve been easily predicted. But, there was so much noise, so much information, that the intelligence community couldn’t dig through it all to find the clues.

Sometimes, it feels that way with casting rumors. There are so many rumors, so many short lists, so many actors “circling” or “interested in” certain projects that the actual casting announcements can get buried in the morass of information. If you read the movie news blogs, you’ll know everything, but you might not know much at all. So, I thought I’d just take a moment here and underline who has actually been cast in the three most discussed projects in Hollywood right now.

Superman: Man of Steel

Right now, the intense speculation is on the casting of Lois Lane. No one has been cast as a villain, and no one knows who the actual villains will be, yet. We do know that Jonathon Nolan is writing the script, and that Christopher Nolan is a consulting producer.

Director: Zack Snyder

Superman: Henry Cavill

Lois Lane: No one has been cast. Rumors that Kristen Stewart was a possibility have been dispelled (she is, however, “circling” or “in talks” or “negotiating,” depending on who you ask, to be Snow White in Snow White and the Hunstman, with possibly Viggo Mortenson and Charlize Theron, but those are just rumors, too). However, there does appear to be a lengthy short list for Lois Lane. It includes 60 percent of all age-appropriate females in Hollywood. That would include Malin Akerman, Rachel McAdams, Olivia Wilde, and Mila Kunis. The odds of anyone on that short list being chosen are at about 40 percent. After all, the title role had several short lists — Jon Hamm, Armie Hammer, Matthew Goode, Zachary Levi, Brandon Routh, among others — and the casting of Henry Cavill was still something of a surprise. Wasn’t it nice?


Spider-man is actually filming right now, so all of this casting has been set. We know the lead, the love interest, and the villains.

Director: Marc Webb

Spider-man: Andrew Garfield

Gwen Stacy: Emma Stone

The Lizard: Rhys Ifans

Proto-Goblin: Irrfan Khan

Ben Parker: Martin Sheen

May Parker: Sally Field

Peter Parker’s Parents: Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson

Ray Cooper: C. Thomas Howell

The Dark Knight Rises

This one is probably rife with the most confusion. Here’s what we know know:

Director: Christopher Nolan

Batman: Christian Bale

Selina Kyle (Cat Woman): Anne Hathaway

Bane: Tom Hardy

Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine will all reprise their roles.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not officially on board, either. He’s in “talks” or “negotiations” or “circling.” His role has not been specified. We don’t know if he’ll be a villain. Or the D.A. Or Batman’s gay love interest (fingers crossed). We don’t even know for absolute certain that he’ll be in the movie.

There will also be another female lead cast. We don’t know who, or in what role. We don’t know story details. In fact, we don’t know any actual story details to any of the above three, except what we can surmise from the confirmed casting.


And that’s it, officially. Anything else you hear right now is just speculation, not that there’s anything wrong with speculation, wish lists, short lists, or dream casting. It’s fun. But it can lead to some confusion.

(Photo Credit: Esquire)

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