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Another 'New Girl' Episode, Another Guest Star. Lisa Bonet in Upcoming Episode

By Emily Cutler | Industry | October 7, 2014 |

By Emily Cutler | Industry | October 7, 2014 |

Season 4 of New Girl seems to be off to a decent start. I actually didn’t hate early season 3, but even I can see that the end of the Nick/ Jess relationship has returned to the show to its season 2 form. Having said that, I’m really worried about the number of guest stars.

People, this is not The Love Boat. Guest stars should be used sparingly, and act as a little bonus to an otherwise strong episode. If the role couldn’t be filled by a non- famous actor, then you need to rewrite the episode.

The guest stars this season haven’t been Prince- level bad, but I’m not sure that they’ve added anything yet. In fact, with the exception of a surprisingly funny Jessica Biel they’ve actually felt really under utilized. (I mean, Kaitlin Olson didn’t get in one “Goddamnit.” And, guys, she does the best goddamnit.)

So let’s hope that Lisa Bonet’s turn as an education guru is worth it.

Bonet’s character will show up when Jess and Coach attend a teachers’ conference also attended by Ryan, the studly new science teacher at Jess’ school (played by Julian Morris, who debuts on Oct. 14).

The guru’s hands-on approach to learning forces Jess and Ryan to pair up during a session, which only makes Jess hotter for teacher.

See, why do you have to pair up the guest stars? Reid Scott and Jessica Biel, Lisa Bonet and this Julian Morris fellow? You’ve already got more cast member than you know what to do with. We haven’t even seen a successful full group scene yet this season. Do not make us ground you, New Girl. The last thing you need right now is a bottle episode.

Source: TV Line

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