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And Then Comic Book Nerds Exploded In Rage: Michael B. Jordan Rumored To Play The Human Torch

By TK Burton | Industry | May 2, 2013 |

By TK Burton | Industry | May 2, 2013 |

We sat there and suffered through a black Kingpin. And THEN we had to endure a black Heimdall. And next, we’re getting a black Perry White! HIS NAME IS PERRY WHITE NOT PERRY BLACK! But NOW you’ve gone to far!!! A black Human Torch? Johnny Storm isn’t black! Might as well cast a blond white guy as The Black Panther, or a Taiwanese midget as Colossus!

There, does that about cover the varieties of ignorant, impotent nerd rage that have already burst forth like a ruptured boil over this news? Because although this is just a rumor, it’s been online for a few hours, and I’m already bored with the moronic, screeching outrage. Sure, there are some logistical problems, but they’re minor ones. I’m assuming they’ll make Sue Storm African American as well. Or not. Make one of them adopted. I couldn’t care less.

Race-bending in comics is hardly new. It happens all the time (see also: Nick Fury), and given the dearth of black comic book characters, it almost has to happen in film adaptations if they’re interested in making them more diverse. Because let’s be honest about it: race is an issue in comic book movies. And no, it’s not the same as casting a white person as Luke Cage or the Black Panther, for reasons that I shouldn’t have to explain, damn it. Yet every time something like this is even rumored, a small corner of the internet shits their diapers over it, spouting off about political correctness and unnecessary changes and wah wah wah.


Michael B. Jordan is a terrific young actor. He was fantastic in Chronicle, “Friday Night Lights,” “The Wire,” and by all accounts is amazing in the upcoming festival favorite Fruitvale. Doubtless this is a thing because Josh Trank, the director for the Fantastic Four reboot, worked with Jordan on Chronicle, which means they already have some rapport. So does anyone really care that the Human Torch won’t be blond and blue eyed?

Ugh, internet. So tiresome. You got my vote, for whatever that’s worth, Mr. Jordan.

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