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'American Horror Story: Cult' Reacts To Trump's Election With Humping And Clown-Fear

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 22, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 22, 2017 |

We all knew that the upcoming season of American Horror Story would deal with the fallout of the 2016 election in some way. And based on the first official trailer for Cult, it seems to offer up two reactions to the news that Trump has been elected President: either you let loose a bloodcurdling scream, or you hump your TV set.

Representing #TeamScream is Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally, who is devastated by the news of the Trump win. So much so that it makes her fear of clowns — or “coulrophobia,” as her therapist puts it — worse. Which, like, totally makes sense. It was either that or a fear of extruded cheesy snack foods. Or both. Or fear of everything, really. At least, that’s how I reacted.

Over on #TeamHump is Evan Peters, rocking some seriously stringy blue hair and forming some sort of pact with Billie Lourd. Whatever those two are up to, it involves giving a Twisty the Clown doll to Ally’s son, which is a total dick move. Not only because obviously that’s a dig at Ally, but also THAT CLOWN IS HORRIBLE. I’m still not sure what the whole “cult” from the title is, but I can only assume it’s somehow behind #TeamHump’s poor gifting strategies.

It’s also worth noting that when Peters asks her character “What fills your heart with dread?” Lourd replies, “Children.” Samesies, Billie Lourd. Samesies.

Of course Peters also says, “If you get people scared enough, they will set the world on fire.” Which is sounding a little too realistic these days.

On the plus side, Paulson’s character is appears to be married to or in some sort of partnership with Allison Pill, a chef with an adorable haircut that I want for myself.

Check out the trailer below. The seventh season premieres Tuesday, September 5th on FX.

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