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Alexander Skarsgård Doesn’t Care if You Think He Dated Charlize Theron

By Kate Hudson | Industry | September 6, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | Industry | September 6, 2018 |


You heard it here first, so we can finally stop debating whether or not he does, because he doesn’t ok?, who is my (and should be your) only source of information, reported that Skarsgård recently said in an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine, on people (that’s us, y’all) thinking he dated Charlize Theron:

“It doesn’t affect me. People can think whatever they want”

It’s an entirely relatable stance, because who among us hasn’t been accused of dating Theron at one point in our lives?

Ok, so if that doesn’t affect him, what does? Let’s investigate, shall we?


1) Projects he’s done that you haven’t seen. Shame on you!

“I’ve done projects I care about a lot and no one saw”

I’m going to assume he means movies or shows he’s done, and not arts and crafts projects he’s put up on Pinterest and no one else pinned.


2) Sweden

“I try to go back to Sweden whenever I can, I love it, it’s the best”

Ahh, his motherland. Sweden has delicious pastries, and a truly disgusting gelatinous fish dish called lutefisk they all seem to love. Fun fact: the entire country basically shuts down at 3 pm on Christmas Eve to watch a Disney tv special called Kalle Anka. It’s a national tradition, don’t ask me why.

3) Books

I’ve always been interested in those Orwellian dystopian novels, like Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World and obviously Orwell’s 1984.

Books are great. Everyone likes books, even Skarsgård!

4) Jessica Lange

Alexander Skarsgard opens up about his first pair of cowboy boots, Jessica Lange, plus more:

— W magazine (@wmag) July 11, 2017

No word if Jessica Lange feels the same about him, but obviously there will be an update if that changes.

5) The Simpsons

I was going to get a current tally of how many celebrity guest stars have been on the Simpsons, but the list is too long to count by hand.

*Note, Skarsgård may care about more than just the above.

You’ll notice that anyone’s opinion of him dating Charlize Theron did not make that list. So clearly he is a man who means what he says. That said, Meryl Streep better take notice, because there’s one more thing to add to the list. Meryl Street as a hologram:

“If she’s a hologram again, I’ll throw a fit.”


Note: Skarsgård has never denied on record being a vampire, so there’s no proof that this isn’t how he throws a fit.

Meryl, if you’re reading (and of course you are) you had better show in person when you’re with Skarsgård on the set of Big Little Lies. No more holograms ok? That’s definitely something he does care about.


Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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