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The Guy Who Pissed Off Charming Potato - Alex Pettyfer - Has A New Movie Coming Out

By Jodi Smith | Industry | April 5, 2018 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | April 5, 2018 |


You may remember Alex Pettyfer from his status as The Next Big Thing - Dude Edition in 2011, with the release of Beauty and the Beast remake Beastly and the YA movie I Am Number Four that never got a movie number two. He became known prior to that as a real asshole on movie sets, with handlers on the set of I Am Number Four that were unable to keep Pettyfer from fighting with director DJ Caruso. Then he landed the role of Adam in Magic Mike and managed to make an enemy out of star Channing Tatum.

How? How do you piss off a guy who is so amicable, such a reported joy on set? You screw his friends out of rent money.

According to Pettyfer, he was renting a New York apartment from one of Tatum’s friends. Then someone in Pettyfer’s family died and he decided not to pay rent - for FOUR MONTHS. Like, grief is one thing, man, but not paying rent is a dick move. Tatum thought so too, allegedly sending an email to Pettyfer telling him not to be a dick and pay up. Instead, former model Pettyfer dug in his shitheels and refused to pay. It made things a bit rough between the two when Magic Mike reshoots had to be done, but Pettyfer thinks Tatum just “had it in for him” and was “looking for an excuse not to like him”.

Lucky for Charming Potato, Pettyfer provides plenty of opportunities to be hated. I won’t even go into his purported reign of terror on Dianna Agron.

Anyway, here’s a trailer for The Last Witness, which stars Pettyfer as a journalist looking for the truth behind crimes committed by Stalin, and the involvement of the British government. Also, Dumbledore is in it.

Via Collider

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