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America's Greatest Living Actor Crushes Your Hopes and Dreams

By Brian Prisco | Industry | April 28, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | April 28, 2010 |

During the press junket for Murray’s latest flick, the marvelous Get Low, the gifted thespian has been taking every opportunity to trash the gospel according to Aykroyd. In several cruel and angry words, Murray has been debunking the myth of the project going forward, calling it a “pipe dream” and saying that while everyone’d love to do it, nobody’s bringing forward a rad enough script. Which says volumes about the alleged script by Eisenberg and Stupnitsky. Sounds a little like Year One was an apt representation of their screencraft abilities. But to get your script curbstomped in front of your home by one of the guys you most admire — yeeeouwch.

He had this to say, in an interview with Cinemablend:

“It’s just a myth. It’s like the white alligator in the sewer, you know? Who’s seen it, really?”
“It’s just really the movie studio. They love the franchise, they’d just like to re-create it again. All this talk is just talk. It drives me nuts, it’s just people talking. And now, it’s like, on the street people go ‘hey, hey, hey,’ you know, why don’t you go back to high school? Quit bothering me. Until someone actually creates a great script it’s just hogwash, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s interesting that people are interested in it, they’d like to see it. It was a great thing, it really was fun. Maybe it should. And if it’s such a good idea, then someone will write the screenplay.”

Akyroyd’s been asking Murray to lay off, but ol’ Dr. Venkmen’s running his yap. The funniest part is that Murray doesn’t seem adverse to the concept of Ghostbusters 3, he just hasn’t seen a script that gets his attention. He doesn’t blame his fellow Ecto-1 crew, but rather the studios for trying to build hype for the franchise.

Sounds like if they do go forward, it’ll be sans Venkman. And nothing will bring Rick Moranis back to the fold. Hopefully, they hire a female director, so Sigourney Weaver will drop out, because we know how much respect she has for auteurs with a pouissor.

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