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Tell Me, Mum, When Your Little Girl's on the Slab, Where Will It Tickle You?

By Brian Prisco | Industry | March 4, 2010 |

By Brian Prisco | Industry | March 4, 2010 |

Earlier this week, TK ruminated on After.Life from relative newbie director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, a heady dark thriller with a fascinating premise: a woman wakes up from a carwreck in a funeral home only to have the funeral director try to convince her that she’s passing on to the next life and only he can see her. What makes it awesome is that you’re not really sure if he’s full of shit or if it’s all true.

They’ve finally released a trailer, and I gotta say, I’m less convinced than I was with TK’s assessment last week. This kinda of confirms the poster as spoiling everything that sounded awesome about the project. I’ll admit, with Liam Neeson on a mean streak — presuming we all allow ourselves to bow reverently when he bellows “Release the Kraken!” — he’s in full blown Darkman rage mode here. Which was a Sam Raimi flick. Now, my colleague raised some doubts about Justin Long’s role, but I must point out the most recent Raimi flick as his defense. While TK was little-girl screaming See No Evil to my cowardly Hear No Evil during our last SXSW outing, he might have missed how great Long was in just this exact role. Ricci’s the lag peg on this cribbage, but I still hold out that this might have some promise still. You be the judge.

And, no, TK. We will never ever let it go. Ever.

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