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A Supercool, Super-Spoilerish Timey-Wimey 'Doctor Who' Cameo Rumor

By Cindy Davis | Industry | February 1, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | February 1, 2014 |

Fellow Whovians, I trust you are duly thrilled with the Twelfth Doctor’s spanking new, wicked cool duds, especially those shiny Docs. Pretty spiffy, eh? Moffat knows just how to keep us salivating with his drips of information here, and a photo op there. I can hardly stand this wait between December’s Christmas Special and the ever-so-far-away Series 8 premiere, so it’s positively glorious to hear some on-set filming news—even more so because we’re dying to find out anything and everything about Peter Capaldi’s incarnation. Just so we’re clear, you’re about to head straight into Series 8 Spoilertown.

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According to multiple on set reports, Series 8 opens with poor Clara (Jenna Coleman) struggling over the changed Doctor. The idea of regeneration is one thing; seeing a whole new man claiming to be your old friend, quite another. But then, something pretty cool happens…Clara receives a time-tripping telephone call from Trenzalore, and a voice we’ll all recognize: Matt Smith’s Eleven! Smith’s Doctor reassures Clara that indeed, the “new” Doctor is still him, after which Clara looks deep into Twelve’s eyes and throws her arms around him. Aw, it’s not just me sniffling, is it?

Doctor Who returns *sometime* in the fall.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) is polishing her Doc Martens.

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