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A Spoileriffic Teaser Announces 'The Fall' Series 3, Plus New Details on the 'Luther' Special

By Cindy Davis | Industry | March 10, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | March 10, 2015 |

First, your **Spoiler warning: If you’ve not yet seen series 2 of The Fall, don’t watch this teaser. I can’t be more clear than that — there’s a closing scene major event.

Secondly, while there’s no new footage here, the BBC’s used the teaser to announce Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey will return to the role where he can actually act. (Okay, I admit I’ve not seen more than the FSoG trailers — can you blame me? — but reviews of his performance have been less than stellar.) Whether the remarkable Gillian Anderson has some magical power that inspires Dornan, I have no idea, but he’s definitely got more going on as an entrancing serial killer than he does as a wanna-be-dirty businessman. As those who’ve watched series 2 know ***SPOILER warning again***

Paul Spector’s (Dornan) fate after being shot at the close of “In Summation” was unknown; with this announcement we can presume he’ll be back for at least part of series 3. It’d be silly to carry on without giving Anderson’s Stella Gibson the opportunity to fully get inside Spector’s head; frankly, we’re just as interested to find out what the Detective Superintendent is really thinking. Is she upset about coming so close to wrapping the case only to have Spector die, or was Tom Anderson (Colin Morgan) right about her attraction to the killer? See why we *need* series 3? Writer/creator Allan Cubitt confirms, “The cliffhanger ending of season two was conceived in the hope of further exploring the characters and the themes that are at the heart of The Fall. Here’s the teaser:

“Jamie Dornan returns for a third series of The Fall, only on BBC Two.”

Meanwhile, we’ve gotten a few details on the upcoming (real) Luther special, which began filming in London last week.


John Luther’s return finds him embroiled in a case which pits the DCI against “his most chilling adversary yet.” Reprising their roles for the two-part series 4 special are Michael Smiley (Benny Silver) and Dermot Crowley (DSU Martin Schenk). New cast members include Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie and Patrick Malahide, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Laura Haddock, Fortitude’s Darren Boyd and Ripper Street’s John Heffernan.

Whether or not Fox’s announced Luther remake spurred writer/creator Neil Cross to return to the original BBC production, it would seem that not having Idris Elba as the lead is a big problem (we coulda told you that). After ordering a contingent-on-cast pilot and remaining unable to find a proper lead (rumor is, Marlon Wayans was a possibility), Fox has temporarily shelved the project. Hopefully, everyone will realize what a mistake the idea was in the first place, and just let it fade into the sunset.

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