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A Pajiba Exclusive: "Star Wars: Episode VII" Script in Hand

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | August 19, 2014 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | August 19, 2014 |

No one else on the Internet has this, and this story might very well be taken down by legal order, but we owe it to our readers to get this information out ahead of others. We have a copy of the script for Star Wars: Episode VII.* So we’re about to drop some major spoilers for you. Therefore, stop reading immediately if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Rather than giving an overview of the story, or trying to transcribe the plot into a mass of paragraph form spoilers, I’m just going to give you the juicy tidbits, the outline view so to speak.

1. Kevin J. Anderson is listed on the front page as one of the scriptwriters.

2. The main storyline for this first film is about the insurrection of an army of freedom fighter droids against their repression in the New Republic. It’s got a theme of democracy dealing with the threat of insurgent communism, like the original trilogy was democracy revolting against fascism.

3. Han and Leia didn’t last six months. She’s been married to Lando for the last twenty years. Though in a nod to the expanded universe novels, Han and Leia were together just long enough that she had twins.

4. C3PO still rules on Endor as god-king of the Ewoks.

5. R2D2 is mysteriously killed with force lightning immediately after the text scroll.

6. Neither Boba Fett nor anyone similar appears in the script. Because he wasn’t that interesting of a character and his enduring popularity is inexplicable to the writer of the script.

7. There are entire planets serving as prison camps for the unrepentant former soldiers of the Empire. Crashed and disabled star destroyers dot the surface of this dismal worlds.

8. Broken from losing Leia, Han has descended into the darkness of his past, and has taken over Jabba’s criminal empire. Chewie has a bounty on his head after stealing the Millennium Falcon from his former friend.

9. The nominal young protagonist is once again a twin and a jedi (this time the son of Han and Leia), but his identical twin brother is also the primary antagonist, in training with a secret Sith lord.

10. Having been missing since the events of Return of the Jedi, Luke is only present in one scene, the final one, which is a cliffhanger twist revealing himself to Han and Leia as the Sith Lord who has been pulling all the strings. He killed R2D2 for stumbling on his secret. In the final seconds, he pulls on Darth Vader’s helmet.

* Our source (me) refuses to confirm or deny whether this is the three page script he wrote for Episode VII in 1992 while extraordinarily bored in French class.

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