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A Huge Paheeba Day Thank You

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 19, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 19, 2009 |

… and I’m back.

How the hell am I supposed to follow Paheeba Day with some bullshit Spider-man 4 casting rumor that Anne Hathaway or Julia Stiles or Sparkletits is up for the part of Black Cat. I don’t even know who the fuck Black Cat is.

Anyway, a sloppy wet R-Squared nipple thank you to all the contributions of the amazing Pajibettes, who put on one hell of a show yesterday. I know a lot of planning, and whole hell of a lot of work went into it, and the results were outstanding. Just flat-out phenomenal and fun and all around perfect.

I have a tendency, at times, to get caught up in other aspects of this site — the advertising, the financials, the competitive nature of movie blogs, the value of rumors, the review assignments, or Twitter fighting with a crusty competitor, and sometimes I forget what this whole goddamn site is about: It’s about you all. We wouldn’t even be in a competitive position if it werent for you; we couldn’t break cool stories if it weren’t for y’all (you better know that The Hollywood Cog, for instance, is a reader — and he/she is among you); we wouldn’t have awesome videos if not for you (the “100 Greatest Quotes from the Wire” has been seen over 150,000 times as of this writing — and hh is just another outstanding reader!); and we wouldn’t stand a fighting chance of surviving for as long as we have without our fucking glorious readership. Jesus Christ — how awesome are y’all. Who else puts on a Paheeba Day? Or a Butthole Day? Or has a deity, a murderin’ vehicle, or a goddamn dictionary devoted to the weirdly amazing shit you guys come up with? We may not be the biggest site; we may not break the most stories; and we may not score the coolest interviews; but hell if we don’t have the best readership on the whole goddamn Internet planet. And that goes not just for all of you who participated in Paheeba Day, or now write for the site, or comment frequently, but also for the other 99 percent of you who come here every day or once a week and indulge our inanity. (And I encourage those of you who haven’t to join the Facebook group — there’s a huge Pajiba community that’s assembled there, too, and become actual real life friends and, in some cases, significant others).

So thank you all. For contributing. For commenting. For clicking on the ads. And for just stopping by to see what the hell we’re about.

Also a big thanks not just to those who wrote entries for Paheeba Day, but to Sofia for organizing it again, and to Replica for the immense time and effort she put into those outstanding posters. I’ll be moving the posters over to the Pajiba Dictionary this week, and in the meantime, a new tab has been created underneath Retrospectives on the navigation bar for Paheeba Day, so you can revisit this year’s posts, as well as last year’s. Also, a thanks to Antoinette Pomata, who quietly copy edits behind the scenes here at Pajiba.

And now … about those Spider-man 4 rumors … Nikke Finke thinks it’s gonna be Anne Hathaway, but I still think Sparkletits should get the gig. He’s got the sass; the gams; and the pretty mouth.

I leave you with this, which I do believe is a work of art from feramones:


Love in Black and White by Mark and Gail Mathabane | The Last Song Trailer

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