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'A Million Little Things' Episode 7 Recap: Maggie Is Still Standing (For Now)

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 8, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 8, 2018 |


After a week in which A Million Little Things dived into its central mystery, it returned back to its relationship dramas this week and sent Ashley packing for the moment.

The chief relationship drama continues to be the adorable but potentially tragic one between Gary and Maggie. Maggie still refuses chemo treatment for her breast cancer, and her symptoms are starting to progress, beginning with bruises on her body. All the same, Maggie and Gary enjoy another fantastic, adorably adventurous day of dares — including a Karaoke duet of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” — that ends, again, in heartbreak. Gary desperately wants to make the best of the time he has left with Maggie, but he just as desperately wants more time with Maggie and every grand romantic gesture only deepens that feeling. At the end of the episode, after Maggie dares Gary to confront his fear of heights, and he graffitis “Maggie Was Here” on the side of a building 15 stories up, Gary dares Maggie to enter chemo treatment. She declines and realizes that she can’t make Gary go through this with her. Maggie goes home, checks out another bruise, and looks either 1) determined to begin treatment so that she can continue her relationship with Gary, or 2) determined to get the hell out of Dodge, or 3) determined possibly to take her own life so that she doesn’t have to put anyone through her demise. The determination is clear, but where that determination is directed is less so.

Meanwhile, while Gary is nursing his heartbreak over noodles in a restaurant, Kathleen walks in with a potential love interest of her own, which is mostly of interest to me because it means the series is going to at least try and keep Grace Park involved despite her being outside of the friend circle after her and Eddie’s separation. Why couldn’t this show silo Eddie instead of Kathleen?

Eddie, meanwhile, continues to be Eddie. Needy and kind of douchey. He goes to the first ultrasound with Delilah, now that he knows she’s having his baby (while everyone else believes it is Jon’s). It’s a nice, sweet moment between the two as they listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but it is ruined by Eddie’s need to make another pained pronouncement: “Whatever we did, whatever happened, we also created a life.” Cool, cool Eddie. But Delilah is not picking up what he’s putting down mostly because what he’s putting down is a trail of gravy skin. Also, after finding out that a young musician was not interested in reviving Eddie’s career only in buying Eddie’s song, Eddie reluctantly agrees to sell it but warns the little snot to stop drinking, otherwise he’ll end up a has-been selling songs “to someone like you.” Oooh. Weak Eddie burn!

Rome, meanwhile, provides the episode’s comic relief, weirdly. After suffering massive pains in his abdomen, Regina rushes him off to the hospital and tells the doctor that Rome recently tried to kill himself. The doctors force him to drink charcoal in case he OD’d, but it proves only to be a kidney stone. Rome spends most of the episode agonizing as he passes the kidney stone while his friends razz him. The ordeal does reveal to Regina that everyone knew about Rome’s aborted suicide attempt except her, but she’s too invested in being a better partner to Rome to get too angry about it.

Finally, in the next episode, it looks as if everyone will converge around Maggie and hopefully get to her before she runs away again. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait for three weeks until the next episode. The show doesn’t return until November 28th, after Thanksgiving.

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