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3 Bizarre Examples of Digitally Inserting Movie Ads into "How I Met Your Mother" Reruns. The Computers are Making NPH Lie

By Dustin Rowles and Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | July 7, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles and Steven Lloyd Wilson | Industry | July 7, 2011 |

You know those terrible commercials in which famous scenes or characters are raped with CGI in order to push vacuum cleaners or toothpaste? They’ve taken the next step. Reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” are being altered with computer diddle whacks to include advertisements in the back ground. Oh, and we’re not talking just any advertising, we’re not talking about updating soda cans with new logos, we’re talking about the most heinous form of advertising imaginable.

I could write an extensive rant at this point, but we all know what the rant would say. Compromise of artistic principles, works of art should stand as they are, wow I always figured that if someone found a way to rape their previous work and sell out at the same time it would be George Lucas. Tack on a reference to 1984, we’re watching Zookeeper this summer, we’ve always been watching Zookeeper. Then cap it off with a few jabs at fucking Zookeeper on general principle.

Got that all out of the way, but really, the thing that actually irritates me and gets my blood cooking is the waste of effort to bother doing this. Is a fuzzy half-recognizable picture in a five year old rerun people have on in the background while they cook dinner really going to sell a single additional ticket to Zookeeper? There’s not like there’s a lot of crossover between the typical viewer of Paul Blart: Farting, Talking Animal Movie and the average “HIMYM” fan, but even if there were, how much traction can you imagine they got out of a small barely visible ad? Do the math: If it costs $3,000 to digitally insert that ad, they’d need to attract at least 300 ticket buyers to recoup the expense. You’d probably see a better return on the investment with shuttle services to Zookeeper screenings from mental hospitals.

The above ad was tracked down by Consumerist, and they even provide a before image to see how much photoshopping effort actually went into this. It is not, however, the first time this has been done. It’s not even the first time it’s been done on “How I Met Your Mother,” as we were able to track down two more examples, first of the demographically appropriate variety, a Bad Teacher poster inserted into the background, and then the not so appropriate insertion of a Country Strong ad in the background.



(Via Ropes of Silicon)

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