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11 Best Answers from Ron Perlman's Reddit AMA: You May Even Learn Something About The Man.

By Jodi Smith | Industry | April 7, 2014 |

By Jodi Smith | Industry | April 7, 2014 |

Ron Perlman has 204 acting credits to his name, including Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy, Beauty and the Beast, and tons of voicework in animated films and series. Perlman stopped by reddit to promote his upcoming movie 13 Sins. Here are some of the best answers from his visit.

Who would win in a fight, you or Danny Trejo?

RP: Trejo for sure. I would forfeit. I wouldn’t even fucking show up for that one.

How was it playing a gangster in Drive?

Well, considering I was with three of my heroes, Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks, and Bryan Cranston, and I made a few new heroes — Carey Mulligan, Oscar Isaac, Christina Hendricks, and Nicolas Winding Refn — it was pretty great.

How did you like being a voice actor on Archer vs. acting in SOA?

What a fucking HONOR it is to be on Archer. Are you crazy? And then to be reprised a season later, to bring back Ramon Limon a season later… oh my god indeed. My daughter was on an episode of Archer, she came with me to one of the parties and met everybody, and they said “well we’ll give you something to do on the show” and she was one of the best ones ever on Archer. She played a Columbian drug lord sex symbol who ended up being a cop. It aired about 3, 4 weeks ago. She was mindblowingly good. She and I, that’s one of our guilty pleasures. We watch that show together.

Curious what you think of your sons music? I’m a fan of Delroy Edwards and was always curious what your take on stripped down techno is.

I think my son is the smoothest motherfucker on the planet.


My mother is a huge fan of you and probably wishes she could have married you. Her question is “Are you going to be narrating anymore books?”

My own question is “Was it difficult for you to be in a interracial marriage in back when you got married to Opal?” I myself am a black woman married to a white man and sometimes I still encounter racism.

Thank you!

You mean doing books on tape? Well I have my own book coming out in September called Easy Street, and I’ll be doing the audiobook for that as well.

Racism is everywhere. You know, you’re going to encounter it whether you want to or not whatever your situation is or isn’t. You make your choices and you deal with them.


Hey Ron Perlman, I’m a huge fan of your work and it’s awesome that you given us this opportunity, I hope you get to my questions

Do you have any favourite behind the scenes memories whilst you were filming Police Academy: Mission to Moscow?

Can you tell us about the upcoming film you’ll be in Poker Night?

What was it like working with the cast and crew on Season of the Witch?

Yes. I fell on my ass on the ice in Moscow, and I didn’t break my hip. That was my favorite memory.
I hope it sees the light of day. We have a great cast and a really cool director who I loved working with called Greg Francis. I loved Greg and loved working with Greg. I hope the movie sees the light of day ASAP.
Nic Cage is just GORGEOUS. He’s just beautiful. He’s absolutely the first one on set, he not only knows his own lines, he knows your lines, he knows everybody’s name. He’s the most unmovie-star like movie-star I’ve ever met. Incredibly humble and so professional, a delight to be around, I had such a good time working with Nic and I consider him to be a friend for life.

Ron thanks for being such a great character actor! I grew up watching you on Beauty & the Beast then Hellboy & into Sons of Anarchy! You’re just awesome! What’s your favorite thing to eat from Krafty or do they make you special meals on set?

Well, craft services is definitely chocolate. I’m a chocaholic. I have about a $550 a week chocolate habit. I’ll buy chocolate anywhere, from M&Ms to the best belgian chocolate on the planet, and everything in between. I eat what’s in front of me. Because the craft service people on the shows I work on, they get to know that I really appreciate when they supply me with different types of chocolate. So I just like a good variety of it around, even if it’s Reese’s peanut butter cups? Whoever came up with that fucking combination? That guy is tied for first with the guy who invented Viagra.

Hi Ron. Love your work. A guy your height would normally attract a lot of attention. Let alone someone with your accomplishments. Are you able to go out like a normal person or do you always get noticed?

I just live my life exactly as I would like, and for the most part, I’m able to move freely. Every once in a while, somebody wants to stop, but it’s all for the best possible reasons. Anybody who tells you that they don’t like living with being complimented or being told that you did something they appreciated greatly, anybody who considers that an annoyance, may as well cut it out. There are so many harder ways to get out of life than that. I do my own shopping 2-3 days a week. I have already established how much I like to eat, so I do all my own shopping, I’ve never had a personal assistant. The only time I hire an assistant is to hang out with my dog while I’m on location to hang out with my dog while I’m doing 12, 14 hour days. I’ve never had to alter my life for any reason, and I like it that way.

Hi Ron
big fan, i was wondering how is it working with Doug Jones? as a lover of practical effects i’m always amazed at what he can do (you’re no slouch either :)

Doug Jones - I’m going to go on the record now that might upset some people. But I hate Doug Jones. Doug Jones pisses me off, because Doug Jones is SO GOOD, SO SWEET, SO NICE, THAT HE REALLY MAKES ME LOOK BAD. SO FUCK YOU DOUG. FUCK YOU AND YOUR NICENESS.

Love watching you in SoA ( especially when you’re ranting about pussy ) and also in Hellboy, so my question is, are there are any other superhero properties you would like to be involved in ?

Hellboy 3.

He’s kind of like the quintessential anti-hero, you know? He’s a bachelor who lives with empty pizza boxes and beer cans and cat litter all over the place, a big slob, and he would much rather be watching Marx brother movies than being out saving the world, that’s what makes him a great superhero for me. Because even though he possesses these extraordinary powers, he’s an ordinary beer drinking slob. It’s a delicious juxtaposition.

I lost the love of my life some time back and one of the few things that really held me together was rewatching your performance as Vincent on Beauty & The Beast thanks to Netflix Streaming. Maybe it was Vincent’s nobility or his gentleness or just that damn profound voice you have - I don’t know. But I had written that girl a letter and I had always hoped to ask this… I realize now this is deeply awkward to read (nevermind type) but is there any possible way you could … record the letter in that voice? For her, I mean.

And I realize you’re busy and important and awesome but, man, what do I have to lose by asking, ya know? Thanks for being a cool guy on Twitter. Hope to see you on the big/small screen again soon.

If you send me a request on Twitter, I’ll follow you and DM you and maybe we can figure out a way to do that this way.

13 Sins will be released in theaters and VOD on April 11. You should really head over to Reddit and read the entire AMA, as Perlman is exceedingly witty, humble, hilarious, and an amazing human being.

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