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'The Walking Dead' Companion Series May Be an Origins Story, Of Sorts

By Grainger Heavensbee | Industry | January 20, 2015 |

By Grainger Heavensbee | Industry | January 20, 2015 |

The folks over on Bleeding Cool got their hands on the alleged pilot script for The Walking Dead spin-off (which is more of a companion series) and, while they only offer up a few excerpts, if you read between the lines, it suggests a very interesting possibility: That the companion series will return to the origin of the zombie virus outbreak.

It’s not explicitly spelled out that way, but the except from “Fear the Walking Dead” (the title of the pilot) shows a family dealing with an uncertain epidemic, while the CDC is dispelling rumors that a zombie outbreak exists.


What could this mean? In a straightforward sense, it at least means that the series will go back to the initial outbreak and contend the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the spread of the virus. The bigger possibilities might include a government conspiracy to cover up the virus while they attempt to control it, or possibly — and this is likely a remote possibility — an exploration into what originally caused the outbreak.

It’s a lot of speculation based on three excerpts from an alleged pilot script, but all three excerpts indicate that the characters have no idea what’s going on, which at the very least tells us that we’re going to find out what was happening in Los Angeles while Rick Grimes was in his coma in Atlanta.

If the series limits itself — at least initially — to the days and weeks in the aftermath of the outbreak, it could actually be a very different series from The Walking Dead, one that deals not with trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse, but one that deals with a family struggling to contend with an unknown virus that will eventually lead to the zombie apocalypse.

That’s promising.

The spin-off, by the way, will star Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens, and will be set in Los Angeles. It’s working title is currently Cobalt.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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