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Midterms Matter. Elections Matter. Get Out There And F*cking Vote, People.

By TK Burton | Think Pieces | November 4, 2014 |

By TK Burton | Think Pieces | November 4, 2014 |

Get out there and vote.

I’m serious. If those of you that are Americans haven’t already voted today, get out there and vote. Stop what you’re doing right now, get off your ass, and go vote. I don’t want to hear about your voter apathy. I don’t want to hear that nothing changes. People who say that nothing changes aren’t paying attention. Change happens. Sometimes it happens slowly and sometimes it happens quickly, but often, it only happens because you used your voice and you fucking voted. I’m tired of the people who lament that all politicians are out for themselves. I’m tired of the people who complain that the Democrats are no better or no different than the Republicans. I’m tired of the people who complain about the two party system. I’m tired of the complaints about corruption and greed and the paymasters and the power.

You are part of the problem. The problem isn’t just politicians. The problem isn’t just the parties. The problem isn’t just corruption. The problem isn’t just greed.

The problem is you.

You want to make a change? Well unless you’re actively planning a revolution that has a neutered dog’s dick of a chance of actually succeeding, then get your apathetic ass out there and vote. The problem is you. The problem is those who don’t think voting matters. Have a little faith in your fellow people. Have a little love for your country. Have some goddamn self-respect and use the tools given to you to tell the world what you want.

Those of you who don’t think voting matters?

Tell that to the thousands of gay couples who can now get married. Tell that to the thousands of people who have been deported. Tell that to the thousands of people who now have health insurance. Tell that to the thousands of people who can now smoke marijuana legally. Tell that to the women who can’t get abortions. Tell that to the women who can. Tell that to poor children who can’t get a decent fucking education.

Tell that to women. Tell that to people of color.

Tell it to me.

Voting matters. I come from a country where my parents couldn’t vote until they were in their 50’s. Fifty fucking years old before they could legally vote. Tell my parents that voting doesn’t matter.

People who blame politicians for the state of our country while sitting at home? You are lazy, worthless human beings who don’t deserve the democracy that you have been gifted. And democracy is a gift. It’s ugly and dirty and difficult and complicated and weird and crazy and frustrating and it is a fucking gift. Show me that you’ve earned it. Show me that what you think matters. Show me that you matter.

Get out there and fucking vote.


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TK Burton is an Editorial Consultant. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.