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Is Hollywood's Feminism Fad Doing More Harm Than Good?

By Deadline Viv | Think Pieces | April 1, 2014 |

By Deadline Viv | Think Pieces | April 1, 2014 |

As you’re no doubt aware, we’re in the middle of a sweeping Hollywood fad. Just like vampires of the last few years, and pirates before them, “feminism” is the big buzzword in film and TV right now. And while most of us here at Deadline Pajibawood have been totally onboard with this craze, one has wonder, is it time to move on?

We’ve all heard the arguments against women in film: “No one wants to see a Black Widow movie” and “No one wants to see ANY woman-movies” and, of course, “Women aren’t funny.” Those are all valid arguments! But what about the larger issues? We all know that film is a zero-sum game, meaning for every minute Scarlett Johansson is on screen, that’s one minute Chris Evans isn’t on screen. Every new Divergent movie is millions upon millions of dollars that could have gone, but didn’t, to a story that may have inspired throngs of boys and young men.

But what about the even darker effects of the constant barrage of woman movies? Films and television shows aren’t just frivolous time-killers; they inform the way we view the world around us, and our place in it. To fully understand what this Hollywood feminism craze is doing not just to the entertainment industry, but to the very foundation of our society, we must look at the deeper ripples here, the facts that are constantly being ignored. I’m talking about the butterfly effect of this trend, only more immediate. Like when a butterfly flaps its wings and then flies straight into a wall. For example, did you know that every time a bit of Lady Ghostbusters casting news comes out, Dan Aykroyd sheds a single tear.

It’s a fact. Why will no one think of Aykroyd’s tear ducts? Did you also know that every time a woman decides to try her hand at directing, a beloved male character is killed off of Game of Thrones.

So you can stop blaming George R.R. Martin! How about some of these other statistically, scientifically proven cause and effect chains:

Every time Agent Carter punches a dude, Brett Ratner’s penis shrinks a ring size.

Every time Olivia Pope puts on a white hat, a man is forced to shave his beard.

Every time Lena Dunham takes her romper off, Adam Driver has one of his lines in Star Wars cut.

Every time Emma Watson gives a speech, an upstanding fraternity is put on notice for racism.

Every time a woman wins a writing, directing, or other gender-neutral Oscar, James Cameron must sacrifice a puppy to a volcano.

Every time a woman is promoted to studio head, another woman is impregnated by Satan, Rosemary’s Baby-style.

So the next time you want to see a Hunger Games or a Trainwreck, think about what you’re REALLY supporting: puppy murder and satan babies.

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