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Spoilers: What's the Deal with Rick's Hand on 'The Walking Dead'?

By Cindy Davis | The Walking Dead | October 26, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | The Walking Dead | October 26, 2015 |

***Spoiler Warning: Spoilers through the current The Walking Dead season 6, episode 3 follow, including speculation about a comic arc. If you’re not caught up, or don’t want to read about a possible comic spoiler, back on out now.***

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While everyone else was freaking out about what apparently happened to Glenn in last night’s “Thank You,” I was more focused on what may have happened to Rick. Surely, you noticed Grimes looking over his left arm several times after he had an early-in-the-episode walker encounter? The show may have been playing coy with what happened, but comic readers and those of us who follow Norman Reedus on Twitter know there is more than just allusion to worry about here. Last season Reedus jokingly tweeted some photos we thought might have been related to the fifth season, but we never saw any scene involving Daryl’s hand being cut off; because there was a wedding ring visible on the third finger, I questioned whether it really was Daryl’s hand at all.

Reedus set up the joke that TWD make-up/effects man Greg Nicotero proposed to him, but the faux marriage didn’t last long:




You’ll note that in the second photo, Nicotero is holding/ostensibly placing a ring on Reedus’ right hand, while the cut off appendage on the ground is a left hand. And hey, guess who still wears his wedding ring on his left, possibly infected hand?


Everybody say, hmm…

Readers know that in the source comic, Rick lost a hand to the Governor, and it looks like that arc — albeit in a different manner — is about to come to fruition. Of course, first Rick has to get out of the mess he was in at the end of last night’s episode. That was a cruel way to leave the audience, so kudos for that soul crushing cliffhanger, Angela Kang! The writers and actors are absolutely killing it this season, which has left us breathless all three episodes so far. My one and only concern is this “Glenn might not really be dead” nonsense, discussed in Grainger’s recap and on Talking Dead. TWD is too good a series to play those kind of games, and regardless of how much Steven Yeun will be missed, Glenn Rhee should remain dead.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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