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On This Week's 'The Walking Dead,' Rick vs. Winslow in the Junkyard Version of Thunderdome

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | February 20, 2017 |

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | February 20, 2017 |

Previously on The Walking Dead: Rick and company were out looking for Gabriel, who disappeared from their camp at Alexandria. While doing so, Rick mumbled something negative about Beyoncé under his breath and all of them found themselves ambushed and surrounded by the Beygency.

THE STORY SO FAR: Rick and company try to convince the group at the junkyard who have them all surrounded (and who is holding Father Gabriel hostage, as he’s now wearing only pants and a tank-top as if he was caught on his way to audition for the church-friendly Christmas play version of Die Hard) to join them in their attempt to take down Negan and the Saviors. Daryl and Richard work together to take the fight to the Saviors, only for Daryl to abandon it when he sees how far Richard is willing to go in order to win. Carol still doesn’t like being bothered by anyone, let alone King Ezekiel. Rosita is becoming more and more unbearable with each episode.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THE EPISODE: No monologuing from Negan. Daryl being reunited with his crossbow, which reminded me of a certain lyric from a Broadway show regarding a man reunited with his weapon of choice. Rick vs. Winslow in the junkyard version of Thunderdome. Daryl’s reunion with Carol, which was heartwarming enough that I didn’t feel the need to yell “Kiss already, you fools!” like I usually do when they’re onscreen together. Jadis, and her interactions with Rick. Rick smiling more in this one episode than he has in all seven seasons. Jerry continuing to make us wonder if he’s from Pawnee, Indiana while presenting himself to be the President of the We Love Carol Fan Club, along with an offering of some cobbler. Daryl realizing how Carol was holding on to the last remaining pieces of her humanity and refusing to tell her what happened to Abraham and Glenn as a result.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Like I said before, Rosita is becoming more and more unbearable with each episode. And if taking from others instead of having things taken from you and making sure you’re on the winning team is that important, then you may as well go join the Saviors, since that is pretty much their entire M.O.

Gavin once again being an annoying prick who makes you hope that someone, anyone, takes that steaming-hot iron that Negan is fond of pressing against people’s faces like they’re grilled-cheese sandwiches and uses it on Gavin by season’s end.



IS DARYL STILL ALIVE? BECAUSE IF HE’S NOT, THEN WE RIOT: Yes, he’s still alive and yes, he still glowers and scoffs and wields a crossbow like nobody else’s business.

ANY TIME-TRAVELING ALIENS IN THIS EPISODE?: I already told you that they’re time-traveling to 2018 to watch the new season of Atlanta and avoid having to wait for it. But considering the newest casting news to drop this weekend regarding Donald Glover, they may need to do a little more traveling since Donald is going to be busy for some time.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: A pretty solid episode that didn’t make me wonder why this was an extra-long episode (and considering how much The Walking Dead loves spinning its wheels, that’s a saying a lot) and actually kept me entertained with what’s happening onscreen and with more of the seeds being planted for what’s to come in the season finale. Jadis had some chemistry to burn when she was onscreen with Rick, and the sooner that someone knocks some damn sense into Rosita, the better.

This episode of The Walking Dead was brought to you by “We Don’t Need Another Hero” by Tina Turner:

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