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Carol's Fortress of Solitude Gets a New Resident

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | March 13, 2017 |

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | March 13, 2017 |

Previously on The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne experienced their own version of Before Sunrise as the two of them conversed, laughed, and cried with one another while fighting Walkers and looking for supplies/weapons.

THE STORY SO FAR: Morgan finds himself starting to realize that old habits really do die hard after he learns of Richard’s plan to declare war against the Saviors, and is forced to witness the consequences when it all goes wrong. Which is kind of bound to happen when your whole plan rests on stealing and hiding a cantaloupe that the Saviors want.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THE EPISODE: Lennie James and Melissa McBride. You can tell that Morgan wants more than anything to not be the person that he was when we first saw him again in “Clear” back in Season 3, and as much as Carol wants to remain in solitude and not be bothered by anyone, her concern for everyone else back at Alexandria (especially Daryl) remains strong and once she learns the truth about what Negan did to Glenn and Abraham, she soon realizes that standing on the sidelines and doing nothing is no longer an option for her.

As upsetting as it was to see Morgan break his no-killing rule (for some viewers, anyway. I’m sure others were like “It’s about fucking time” at seeing Morgan wiling to shed blood and get things done), I’m glad that it was broken just to get rid of Richard a.k.a. Not-Gerard Butler. He was starting to work my last nerve.

The little backward step that Gavin made when Morgan was approaching him after killing Richard. He had at least a dozen Saviors as back-up and for a split second, the thought of Morgan choosing him as his next victim had him shook.

Gavin basically telling Jared to shut the fuck up and start walking all the way back to their compound after realizing that Benjamin is dead. Man, I can’t wait for Jared to get killed off for good.

Ezekiel finally agreeing that something needs to be done about the Saviors and that there will eventually be a fight. But not today.

Carol being inventive as ever and using a ‘One Way’ street sign to take out Walkers.

Yes, Benjamin, I wholeheartedly agree. Jared is a rat-faced prick.

“If you’ll excuse me…I think I just pissed myself.”

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THE EPISODE: We really aren’t given enough reason to care about what happens to either Benjamin or Richard. Benjamin didn’t really have enough screen time or characterization for his death to really hurt and all Richard did was constantly try to provoke everyone else into fighting already (which yes, we all want to see) with his “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” approach, but there really wasn’t much more to him beyond that.

Richard’s plan to get Ezekiel and company to finally battle Negan and The Saviors. It really was that stupid.




TO SUM IT ALL UP: Morgan finally breaking his no-killing rule, Carol leaving her Fortress of Solitude to stay with Ezekiel and company, and Ezekiel realizing that his peace with the Saviors is going to have to come to a violent end eventually, are all seeds being planted that the All-Out War is about to start and start soon. (The final shot of the episode being Morgan using a knife to sharpen his spear only adds to that) As to who will be the one to launch first strike in this war and how it will actually start…well, we have three episodes left to find out. Hopefully, it will involve Ezekiel cutting Shiva loose and allowing her to sink her jaws into many a Savior’s face. Particularly one whose name starts with “J” and ends with “ared.”

This episode of The Walking Dead was brought to you by “The Chokin’ Kind” by Joss Stone:

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