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'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus Confirms Who Was Not Calling for Help

By Cindy Davis | The Walking Dead | November 16, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | The Walking Dead | November 16, 2015 |

***Spoiler Warning: This post contains TWD discussion through Sunday night’s “Always Accountable.” If you’re not caught up, back on out.***

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At the end of last night’s Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon attempted to make contact with Rick over the portable radio, and through the static a voice was heard saying one word: “Help.” It certainly didn’t sound like Rick and when last we saw Grimes he was safe and making out with Jessie, so that quiet plea was most likely not Rick.

Since almost nobody believes Steven Yeun’s Glenn is actually dead, even though the voice didn’t exactly sound like Rhee, that’s who many viewers (including myself) thought it might have been. But, in several post-episode interviews, Norman Reedus has definitively stated the person on the other end of that walkie talkie is not Glenn.

“It’s not Glenn — but it’s somebody at Alexandria.”

“I will say that voice is not Glenn.”

While Reedus could obviously be bullshitting us — his thoughts on what happened to Rhee are as ambiguous as can be:

“I saw what I saw [in the episode]! You can make theories this way or that way but what ever you see is right. So what ever your take on that is, you saw what you saw and you’re reacting to what you saw. I had the same feeling that everyone else had when they saw it and I was in the episode — I was pissed! I was mad at AMC and mad at everybody — but that’s the point. He’s such a beloved character and I’m rooting for him, too. But I saw what I saw.”

I feel like there’s so many open doors in that carefully worded statement, Glenn might walk through one any second. After all, we didn’t see Glenn die (merely him screaming as Nicholas’ guts were munched), his character wasn’t memorialized on Talking Dead, and most damning of all, there are very ***Spoilerish*** photos of Yeun on set with a character who’s yet to be introduced.

But, back to our original question: who is it back in Alexandria on the other end of the radio? If you listen closely, it sounds (as Grainger mentions) a bit like Aaron.

That call for help could also be someone trying to lure Daryl and company into a trap. Is it one of The Wolves, or Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) soon-to-be-introduced (unless that trio we saw last night were members) group, The Saviors, or even possibly (related to that ***Comic Spoiler*** photo linked above), Paul Monroe aka Jesus (Tom Payne) or someone from the Hilltop Colony. Whoever it was, Norman Reedus seems confident it isn’t Glenn. Myself, I’m leaning toward the “It’s a trap!” trope, though I’m not quite sure who’s doing the luring. What do you think; if it isn’t Glenn on the other end of that “Help,” who is it?

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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