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Who Were the Two New Characters Introduced on This Week's 'The Walking Dead'?

By Grainger Heavensbee | The Walking Dead | November 15, 2015 |

By Grainger Heavensbee | The Walking Dead | November 15, 2015 |

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Always Accountable,” started out as an action-heavy episode that introduced some unseen bad guys, but it quickly transformed into a vaguely confusing episode, either for people who have never read the comics or even some who have, because they might be trying to place the newly introduced characters in the context of the source material. Two of the newly introduced characters weren’t named in the episode, while the other — Tina — was killed by a couple of burnt zombies underneath plastic.

RIP Tina.

What we did learn, however, is that Abraham still has a screw loose, but in spite of that, he suddenly has a romantic interest in Sasha, who is not encouraging him to pursue her, but she’s not discouraging him, either. He also fetched a rocket launcher, which will probably come in handy in a later episode.

The big questions of the night, however, are these:

Who asked for “help” at the end of the episode? Was that Glenn’s voice?

It didn’t sound like Glenn’s voice (it sounded more like Aaron’s voice) but we also can’t rule out the possibility that it was Glenn. There’s not a lot of other folks with that walkie-talkie other than Glenn and Rick, but one of the members of the group trying to track down Daryl’s kidnappers did say at one point in the episode to change the frequency on their radios, so it’s possible that it’s one of them.

Who the hell were the people who kidnapped Daryl and later took his crossbow and motorcycle?

Best we can tell, they were three people who were part of a community where they traded loyalty (kneeling) and perhaps other goods and/or service in exchange for “safety.” However, they escaped that community in order to go back to their home to see if “Patty” was still alive. She was not. Having discovered that, and having lost Tina, it appears that the two surviving members of are heading back and seeking the safety of their community.

Comic Spoilers/Speculation

Based on what we know about the comics, the episode actually played like a possible origins story for the Dwight character, who we know to have half of his face burned with an iron (by Negan) and who we know is good with a crossbow.

This episode also provides some context for why he had half of his face burnt: I suspect that he escaped the Hilltop Colony with one of Negan’s wives (the woman played by Christine Evangelista); when he returns, Negan will burn Dwight’s face with an iron to punish him. His signature crossbow? Turns out, he stole it from Daryl.

That’s a cool origins story, bro.

Adding credibility to the belief that the guy is Dwight is the fact that the actor who plays him, Austin Amelio, tweeted four days ago that he’s now returning to Georgia to wrap up season six. We also know that Negan will be introduced in the season six finale.

That also means that the men pursuing Dwight and the other two female characters — some of whom were killed by Abraham and Sasha — were possibly Saviors.

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