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So, That's How Rick Dies On 'The Walking Dead'?

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | October 29, 2018 |

By Brian Richards | The Walking Dead | October 29, 2018 |


Previously on The Walking Dead: The Saviors finally reached their breaking point and began looking for someone to blame for their members suddenly disappearing. Gabriel was knocked out and taken into captivity by Jadis/Anne after following her to the junkyard and discovering her interacting via walkie-talkie with a secret group of human traffickers. Daryl and Maggie found out that the women from Oceanside/Not-Themyscira have been the ones taking down the Saviors, and they do nothing to stop them when they see that Arat is next in line for their roaring rampage of revenge.

THE STORY SO FAR: The bridge has once again resumed falling apart now that the Saviors have walked away and stopped doing their part in rebuilding it, and both Carol and Daryl have accepted that its restoration is no longer possible. Michonne finds herself becoming more and more restless as she goes back and forth between wanting to raise a family with Rick and only feeling some semblance of peace when she’s slaughtering hordes of Walkers. Maggie decides to go forward with her plan to kill Negan once and for all. And Rick and Daryl find themselves at odds once again over letting Maggie kill Negan, as well as whether or not to continue to work on the bridge.

WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Michonne and Negan’s conversations with each other. Daryl and Rick confronting each other once again about this future that Rick wants and what is being done in order to attain it. Eugene’s appreciation of that work of Shakespeare, judging from his choice of what to make the two hordes of Walkers (Tybalt and Cordelia). Being reminded (as if we could possibly ever forget) that both Michonne and Carol ain’t nothing to fuck with.

WHAT’S NOT SO GOOD ABOUT THIS EPISODE: The end of the episode, in which Rick (much like Indiana Jones reaching out to grab the Holy Grail) decides to stay behind in horseback and watch over the bridge, despite the oncoming hordes of Walkers getting closer and closer. Only to get thrown off the skittish and terrified horse and impaled by rebar. And if that’s exactly how you choose to make us wonder about Rick’s fate, then it would probably help if you didn’t have Rick’s horse standing calmly a couple of feet away from him as the two hordes of Walkers get closer and closer.

IS NEGAN IN THIS EPISODE?: He is, and he’s decided to stop eating his food so that someone other than Rick will come to his cell. And that someone just happens to be Michonne.

MICHONNE?: Yes, she is, and her conversations with Negan in which he attempts to convince her that they’re both relieved that their loved ones died before the Walker Apocalypse and that they’re meant to be hunters instead of homemakers fails due to Michonne telling him that what she does is to help others and to help society make a comeback and be better than what it is, whereas Negan liked doing what he did because he got pleasure from hurting others in the guise of helping them. And much to Negan’s anger and disappointment, she’s not in possession of ‘Lucille’ and has no idea where it is.

CARL?: Still dead.

JUDITH?: Being read many a storybook by Michonne.

CAROL?: Yes, and she finds herself in a face-off with Jed and the other Saviors once they realize that the Oceansiders have been taking them out, and the resulting gunfire only ends up attracting the hordes of Walkers to their location.


JADIS/ANNE?: Just as she’s about to turn her back on Gabriel and let him be finished off by a Walker, she knocks him unconscious once again and goes her own way, leaving him behind and departing for parts unknown.

IS DARYL STILL ALIVE? BECAUSE IF NOT, THEN WE’LL PROBABLY RIOT IF WE HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO: Still alive, and determined to get Rick to listen to him and accept that Negan deserves to die and that his attempts to honor Carl’s memory by rebuilding the bridge is not the way to go.

ARE MAGGIE AND DARYL AND JESUS STILL PLOTTING AGAINST RICK AND MICHONNE TO KILL NEGAN?: Maggie and Daryl are, but Jesus has changed his mind about killing Negan, which he feels should’ve happened at the end of the All-out War and not a year-and-a-half after it has ended and so much has occurred ever since. All of which just makes me wonder why Jesus was even included as part of this plan in the first place.



SO, YOU’VE SEEN VENOM ALREADY, RIGHT? Yes, I have. Why do you ask?

BE HONEST. WOULD YOU BE DOWN TO FUCK VENOM? ……………………………………………………………………Batman's enemies are judging you.gif

DON’T LOOK AT ME IN THAT TONE OF VOICE! YOU HAD SOMEONE ON THIS VERY WEBSITE TALK ABOUT HOW THEY’D FUCK PENNYWISE THE CLOWN IF THEY COULD!: I’m sure that fucking or getting fucked by Venom would make for a very fascinating Twitter thread for everyone to read when we’re not all wondering why the hell the ‘Like’ button is being removed, but I’m afraid that I’d have to respectfully decline that opportunity.

“Would you be down to fuck Venom?” If I wasn’t an atheist, this would most definitely be me right about now:


But then again, as the saying goes, there’s a lid for every kind of pot, so who am I to talk shit?

TO SUM IT ALL UP: Of all the ways I wondered as to how Rick Grimes would make his exit from the universe of The Walking Dead, I certainly wasn’t expecting the possibility of him getting impaled on rebar like Cordelia Chase in Season 3 of Buffy and bleeding out slowly as a result. I’d like to think that Rick’s swan song will be a little less sudden and polarizing when it airs next Sunday, but knowing this show and how it goes (despite the many steps it has taken towards improvement so far this season), all I can really do is just give the Powers That Be the benefit of the doubt and keep my expectations firmly in check. Much like I do every other Sunday night with every other episode.

This episode of The Walking Dead has been brought to you by “Tennessee Stud” by Johnny Cash.

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