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How Much Star Wars is Too Much Star Wars?

By Geek Girl Diva | Star Wars | November 11, 2015 |

By Geek Girl Diva | Star Wars | November 11, 2015 |

It’s no secret that I adore Dustin and that I’d hate to disagree with him over a point he made in this amazing post, but I do because he said this.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Disney Releases 1st TV Spot for Upcoming Film.

You’ve seen two trailers, do you really need to see a TV clip, too (even one that maybe kind of hints that Rey might be the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia)

Yes, Dustin. I do. Not only did I watch it, but I watched it 5 times and my greedy little Star Wars fangirl heart has been loving all of these glimpses into a movie that I feel like I’ve been waiting for ever since I was 13 years old and walked out of Return of the Jedi. Because, for the first time, I’m going to find out what happens after the Battle of Endor. I get to see what happened to Luke, Leia, Han, & Chewie and that makes me giddy.

For any of you who are avoiding spoilers, go no further.

All of that said, it does feel like the Disney marketing department has turned on the spigot and now Star Wars news is gushing everywhere. From the official Star Wars blog to some truly kickass coverage by Anthony Breznican over at EW (who got an interview with Harrison Ford today that made me both want to knee him in the nuts & pat him on the back) , there’s suddenly all sorts of images and little factoids everywhere.

Personally, I dove into all of this information. Face first. I looked at the pictures and read the descriptions that reveal things like:


Or the fact that Rey was abandoned on Jakku at the age of five and left to fend for herself, which explained her life and her skill as a scavenger.

Some people may have noticed that John Boyega’s Finn is somehow wearing the jacket we first see Oscar Isaac’s Poe in and wondered how that happened. Another picture gives you some idea (and has my mind racing at the idea of a partially clad Isaac) on how that may have happened.


I have a theory and I can extrapolate, but neither the theory or extrapolation would spoil the movie for me. They’re guesses. How things happen or in what order is still totally unknown to me.

Sure, there’s one image that I would say is a spoiler in that it puts Rey into a scene we hadn’t previously seen her in, but even that is more like an “Ooohhhh” moment than a spoiler for me. But, it also means I get to see this amazing picture of Carrie Fisher, which warmed my heart. Fan feels extraordinaire.


All of this stuff is chewy, geeky goodness that I just can’t help stuffing my face with and damn the consequences.

However, I also know that some Star Wars fans are 100% feeling like it’s too much. They don’t want to know more. They don’t want to see more. They want to go in completely unspoiled.


I can see their point and Bria went on to say that, while she can avoid links and news stories, she can’t filter out spoilers in tweets — and you know as well as I do that people do tend to toss spoilers. It’s not like she can just mute the words “Star Wars”, considering how much other Star Wars stuff she talks about.  Here’s the thing we need to remember As fans, we’re already sold. People like me are the ones who crashed Fandango and the Arclight website. The ones Neal Cavuto so giddily bullied recently (asshole) because he couldn’t go to a movie. It also chaps my ass that no one seems to have gotten mad at Fandango for not having a better system in place for the pre-sale. It seems they didn’t realize the power of the Force. One thing is true, however, and it explains a lot of the sudden glut. The movie comes out in a little over a month. Any other blockbuster would have been pasting the airwaves long before this, with less spoilers (I’m looking at YOU Terminator: Genisys trailer). 

So how do you get new people excited for the new Star Wars film without spoiling it for the current fans? To quote Han Solo, “Well, that’s the real trick, isn’t it?”.

Personally, I don’t think anything we’ve been shown gives anything major away, but everyone has their preference. In the end, I think covering major Star Wars news doesn’t make you Facebook’s bitch as long as you cover it with some style and insight. Maybe a little humor.

Which is, hopefully what I’ve managed to do. If not, and you got this far, then I’ll just leave you with this trailer and a theory.

Rey’s not Han’s daughter. The whole trailer SCREAMS that she is, which makes me think it’s a red herring. I guess I’ll know on December 17th.

Until then, may the Force be with you.

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