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Welcome to the Author Archive for William Goss

Here, let me tell you what the marketing for Love and Other Drugs won't: Anne Hathaway's character has Parkinson's disease. This isn't a spoiler - we find this out before we even learn her name or see her face, but...

"Don't worry, baby / Everything will turn out alright..." --"Don't Worry, Baby," the Beach Boys After a few years and a couple of viewings, I'm not quite ready to call Tony Scott's Deja Vu a great thriller or anything so...

John Lennon would've turned 70 years old this week. That is surely why the ever-savvy Weinstein brothers had decided to open Nowhere Boy, a biopic concerned with the artist's formative years, over the particular weekend. As we meet him, John...

After The Final Destination took in a tidy sum at this time last year, New Line hasn't hesitated to get Final Destination 5* ready for release by this time next year. With production ready to start next month (visual effects...

With a reported budget of $125 million, it wouldn't seem like this spring's Clash of the Titans remake did all that well, what with a domestic gross of $163 million. But leave it to Not America to earn it another...

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