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Welcome to the Author Archive for Michael Murray

Michael Murray's Inappropriate Interview with Marion Cotillard

"Beauty is Embarrassing" Review: Inside the Mind of Wayne White, the Emmy-Winning Designer on "Pee Wee's Playhouse"

Gun Control and the Price of America's Manifest Destiny

My Love Letters to Anderson Cooper

Celebrity Dream Interpretations

Looking for a Cheap Holiday in Other People's Misery

About the Time I Was Reprimanded by Ryan (F*cking) Gosling

Edvard Munch's Scream and the Competitive Thrill of Auction Bidding

The Lynchian Horrors of the White Towers Motel

Kony 2012 and Jason Russell's Creepy, Narcissistic Advocacy Project

The Art of Actressin' and Michael Murray's Tiger Hemlock Awards

Jeremy Lin, Chris Brown and How Ignoring Race Can Perpetuate a Cycle of Racism

The Super Bowl Half-Time Show and the Poignant Vulnerability of Madonna

Michael Murray Applies to be an Intern at Vice Magazine (No, Really)

This Is A Letter Written By James Franco To Hollywood Titan And Movie Studio Chairman Harvey Weinstein

The One About the Woman at the DVD Rental Store

Michael Murray's 13 Cultural Highlights From the Past Year

Kim Jong-il's Ten Best Films of 2011

Your Fondest Christmas Memories

The Striking Fragrances of Lingerie Football

Michael Fassbender, Shame, and His Very Long ... Scarf

Celebrity Is a Deal with the Devil, and We're That Devil

The Intersection of the Occupy Movement and Sparkle Motion

An Open Letter to Oscar Producer, Brian Grazer

On Beating Up Celebrities

The Hunger Games Character Posters Are Bad Ass

Courageous Review: Cinema As Proselytism

Michael Murray's Adventures in Driver's Ed

The Last Gladiators Review: F*ck 'Em Up, F*ck 'Em Up, F*ck 'Em Up

Correspondence with a Prison Inmate Who Has a Thing for Minka Kelly

My Trip with Rachelle to the Cottage and Our Day with the Iranian Serial Killer

No One Said You Had to Act to be an Actor! Happy Birthday Salma Hayek and Keanu Reeves

Interpreting Your Celebrity Dreams

What Do Madonna, Sean Penn, James Cameron, and Charles Bukowski All Have in Common?

The Astounding Mediocrity of James Franco and the Muddled Message of "Planet of the Rise of the Apes"

On Loving, and Losing, Pets

In Appreciation of Stephen Colbert, Not Just as a Comedian, But As a Humanist

An Open Letter to Sylvester Stallone on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday

Gay in 2011: How Homophobia Lost Its Cool

Why Pay for Anything? Movie Bootlegging and the Evolution of Media

"Fame Whore" is So Demeaning; Adrianne Curry Prefers the Term "Celebrity Entrepreneur"

Making the Case that Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Replace Oprah Winfrey

Michael Murray Visits the Set of Hundreds of Films and Television Shows

Donald Trump: The New Voice of Privileged White-Male America

Hanna Review: Killbot Pinocchio and the Block Rockin' Beats

An Open Letter to Jessica Biel on her Break-Up with Justin Timberlake

Navigating the Lunatic Tornadoes of Celebrity: Sarah Polley vs. Jennifer Lopez

Coming to Terms with the Crushing Realization that Natalie Portman Is Not a Very Good Actress

Remarking on the Almost Quaint Wholesomeness of the Annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Coming to Terms with Disappointing Reality of Who'd Actually Play You in the Movie Of Your Life

Colin Firth Is a Knob | How I Got High and Talked Coen Brothers on the Radio

The Disapproving Judgement of Used Shop Owners | Tales of A Very Serious Neurotic Disorder

The Beauty of Being the Shepherd in the Play of Life | Christmas Lessons from Charlie Brown and George Bailey

My Evening (Almost) with Amy Sedaris | A Christmas Tale of Woe and Rum

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" | When The Rapture Comes, I Want to Be Standing Next to Sarah Palin

"Meet the Browns" Review

"Pawn Stars" Review | Democratized "Antiques Roadshow"

M. Night Shyamalan: Ambitious, Serious-Minded Talentless Disease | The Shyamalan Downward Spiral

Nice Counts. Or Why Jessica Simpson Hasn't Done Nudity

"Billy the Exterminator" Review | That Ain't No Regular Mullet; It's a Special Professionally-Sculpted Mullet

"Louie" Review | The Sad Clown. The Smart, Intelligent Sad Clown

Kevin Spacey Is Not a Very Good Actor | Smile. You're at Mr. Smiley's

ESPN's 30 for 30 Series | The Literature of Sports

A Sad Postmortem on the Life of Gary Coleman | The Curse of Celebrity

The Bond Between a Boy and Horror Movies | A Look Back at the Effects of Amityville, Salem, and the Overlook Hotel

Everybody Loves Bill Murray | The Comedy and Pathos of One of Our Greatest Actors

Documentarians Are Whores, Too | The Machinations of Toronto's Hot Docs Festival

"Runaway Squad" Review | The Misery Channel Just Got More Miserable

Green Porno | Isabella Rossellini's "Seduce Me"

Hey, Hey Honey Take a Whiff On Me | The Deep Impact of Elijah Wood

The Mystery of Katie Holmes

Pajiba's Trash TV: "Celebrity Apprentice" Review

Pajiba's Trash TV: "Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty" Review

"Being John Daly" Review

"The Dog Whisperer" Review

Sick Day Channel Surfing

The Ghost Hunter Television Genre

The 2010 Winter Olympics

"Operation Repo" Review

Super Bowl XLIV Coverage

Conspiracy Theory Review

"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" Review

"American Idol" Season 9 Review

A Canadian's Look Back at the Films of the Aughts

Jersey Shore Review

Steven Seagal Lawman Review

Animal Precinct Review

Mindfreak Review

"Spider-Man" The 1967 TV Series

Lingerie Football League

The Biggest Loser Review

"Cops" Review

Televised Baseball

TIFF A Local Perspective

The TLC Fat Franchise

Shaq Vs. Review

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Review

Dating in the Dark Review

Televised Golf Review

Toddlers and Tiaras Review

"Big Brother 11" Review

The View Review

Bridezilla Review

"The Tyra Banks Show" Review

Ice Road Truckers Review

UFO Hunters

"The Doctors" Review

Judge Judy Review

Final 24 Review

Inside the Actor's Studio Review

Poker After Dark

Ride Hard, Live Free

A Complete List of Fall TV Premiere Dates

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