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Welcome to the Author Archive for Daniel Carlson

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'American Hustle' Review: Confidence Schemes

'Saving Mr. Banks' Review: A Shovelful of Sugar

In Constant Sorrow All Through His Days: Heartbreak, Outsiders, and American Music

Who’s the More Foolish, the Fool, or the Fool Who Follows Him?: Or, Why the Internet is One Giant Hoax

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One Week at a Time: In Praise of Episodic Television

Why Awards Season Is Bad for Movies

'Out of the Furnace' Review: Boiling Points

Hidden in Plain Sight: Paul Walker and the Working Actor

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Nobody Likes a Preachy Clown: The Perils of “Comedy for Conservatives”

The 9 Saddest Moments from Kids' Movies

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'Nebraska' Review: I've Been First and Last, Look at How the Time Goes Past

What 'Elf' and 'Love Actually' Can Teach Us About Christmas Movies

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Long Live the DVD: Why I’ll Never Give Up Physical Media

'Dallas Buyers Club' Review: Pulling Punches

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Bob Belcher, Hank Hill, and the Future of the Animated Sitcom

No, the 'Breaking Bad' Finale Was Not a Dream Sequence

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Dear J.J. Abrams: Why Yes, Coincidentally, I Am Available for Contract Work

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Watch Out for the Aztek: The Most Shocking Moments in 'Breaking Bad' History

Is Walter White a Bad Guy?: A Conversation

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"Breaking Bad" — "To'hajiilee": In the Wood of Ephraim

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"Breaking Bad" — "Buried": If This, Then That

Lovelace Review: American Horror Story

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The 8 Best Comedy Pilots of All Time

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Why Binge-Watching the New "Arrested Development" Is a Bad Idea

Now on DVD: Steven Soderbergh's Comfortably Numb Side Effects

The Great Gatsby Review: Spectacle, Spectacle

Oblivion Review: It's Got a Good Beat, and You Can Dance to It

To the Wonder Review: Lord, I Believe; Help My Unbelief

Alison Brie, Magic, and The Miz: Just Another Weird-Ass Day on the Internet

Trance Review: The Movie That Knew Too Little

The Place Beyond the Pines Review: Less Than Meets the Eye

Video Games, Lube, and Bikini Models: Pajiba Love Knows What You Need

5 Things We're Looking Forward to Seeing in the "Veronica Mars" Movie

NBC Finally Realizes It's Made a Huge Mistake

A Good Day to Die Hard Review: I Wanted This to Be Professional, Efficient, Adult, Cooperative. Not a Lot to Ask.

Stand Up Guys Review: Behold the Ravages of Age

Emma Stone One Step Closer to World Domination; World Pretty OK With This

The Last Stand Review: Totally Expendable

Zero Dark Thirty Review: Burn for Burn, Wound for Wound

Gangster Squad Review: Shooting Blanks

The Return of the Cheesiest Soundtrack Singles of All Time

January Releases That Don't Suck

Promised Land Review: Big Fracking Deal

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review: The Road Goes Ever On and On, and On, and On, and On

End of Watch Review: Natural Police

Killing Them Softly Review: When the Man Comes Around

Lincoln Review: To Care for Him Who Shall Have Borne the Battle

Cloud Atlas Review: Shapes in Vapor

Taken 2 Review: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Fat Kid Rules the World Review: Don't Call It a Comeback, I Been Here for Years

Looper Review: Don't Bet Your Future on One Roll of the Dice

The Master Review: Mysterious Ways

You Tell a Story Like a Broken Record: Aaron Sorkin's "Newsroom" Problem

"Breaking Bad" — "Gliding Over All": Many Deaths I'll Sing

Lawless Review: Murder Ballads

"Breaking Bad" — "Say My Name": Don't Take Your Guns to Town

Premium Rush Review: Flat Tires

"Breaking Bad" — "Buyout": Cash on the Barrelhead

Celeste and Jesse Forever Review: When Harry Left Sally

"Breaking Bad" — "Dead Freight": The Great Train Robbery

The Bourne Legacy Review: Identity Crisis

"Breaking Bad" — "Fifty-One": Scenes From a Marriage

"Breaking Bad" — "Hazard Pay": You Gotta Show Some Flex

9 Huge Plot Holes in The Dark Knight Rises That Totally Don’t Work

"Breaking Bad" — "Madrigal": Sleeping With the Enemy

The Dark Knight Rises Review: The Hero We Need

"Breaking Bad" — "Live Free or Die": We're Just Livin' This Way 'Cause We've Known No Other

The Amazing Spider-Man Review: Don't Have the Courage Inside Me to Tell You "Please Let Me Be"

Magic Mike Review: Demolition Woman, Can I Be Your Man?

Moonrise Kingdom Review: You Remind Me of a Poem I Can’t Remember, and a Song That May Never Have Existed

Our Cinematic Autobiography: Away We Go

The Best Drama Pilots of All Time

Prometheus Review: Titan's Fall

Safety Not Guaranteed Review: Had We But World Enough, and Time

Men in Black 3 Review: It's Been a Tough Willenium

Way Down in the Hole: 6 Great Dramas That Owe a Debt to "The Wire"

Step Away From the Keyboard: How Live-Tweeting TV Shows Ruins Everything

Get the Gringo Review: And You May Ask Yourself, Well, How Did I Get Here?

John Dies at the End Review: I Guess You Had to Be There

Somebody Up There Likes Me Review: No, They Really Don't

The Psychology of Letting Go: What It Means to Love and Lose

John Carter Review: Get Your Ass to Barsoom

Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace 3D Review: Greed Can Be a Very Powerful Ally

"Cougar Town" Season Three Preview Event: I Won't Back Down

The Grey Review: Stalked in the Forest, Too Close to Hide

Haywire Review: Middleweight

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Review: Skin Deep

Young Adult Review: We Don't Have to Change at All

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review: I, Spy

The Descendants Review: We'll All Float On

J. Edgar Review: Life in a Vacuum

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Review: The Gift That Keeps on Taking

Anonymous Review: What's in a Name?

"Breaking Bad" — "Face Off": A Wall of Fire About Me, I've Nothing Now to Fear

The Ides of March Review: What Do We Do Now?

Dream House Review: Tear It Down

"Breaking Bad" — "End Times": The Hard Part About Playing Chicken Is Knowing When to Flinch

Machine Gun Preacher Review: Your Own Personal Rambo

"Breaking Bad" — "Crawl Space": You're Proud That You're a Self-Made Man

"Breaking Bad" — "Salud": Never Go Against a Chilean When Death Is On the Line

Drive Review: I'm Going Where the Road Won't Dare

"Breaking Bad" — "Bug": Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Contagion Review: Like the Black Plague, But Without All the Laughs

"Breaking Bad" — "Hermanos": Every Man Has to Die

"Breaking Bad" — "Problem Dog": This Is the Business We've Chosen

Our Idiot Brother Review: Sixty Percent of the Time, It Works Every Time

"Breaking Bad" — "Cornered": Living on Muscle, Guts, and Luck

Fright Night Review: That'll Do

"True Blood" -- "Spellbound": “I Have a Hunger in the Very Center of Me”

"Breaking Bad" — "Shotgun": Everybody Needs a Hobby

"Breaking Bad" — "Bullet Points": Nothing Left to Chance, All Is Working

The Change-Up Review: It’s a Nightmare, and Then There’s Boners In It Somehow

"Breaking Bad" — "Open House": The Past Is Always With Us

Cowboys & Aliens Review: It's All the Same, Only the Names Will Change

Reading by the Light of the Screen: Thoughts on Adaptations

"Breaking Bad" — "Thirty-Eight Snub": We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us

"Breaking Bad" — "Box Cutter": Whoever Is Unjust, Let Him Be Unjust Still

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Review: I Have Finished the Race, I Have Kept the Faith

Horrible Bosses Review: I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge

Beginners Review: "... To Make Life Important"

Playing the Long Game: Thoughts on How We Watch TV

The Tree of Life Review: I Believe in the Hope That Can Save Me

Everything Must Go Review: I Guess It's 'Cause You Run With Lame Dudes Too Much

Fast Five Review: All Revved Up With No Place to Go

Changes of Heart: Reexamining Art You Used to Hate (or Love)

Your Highness Review: I'm Too Old for This Sh*t

The Other F Word Review: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Red Riding Hood Review: There, Wolf. There, Boredom.

The Adjustment Bureau Review: Free Will Hunting

Cedar Rapids Review: It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City

Unknown Review: That Is the Sound of a Thousand Terrible Things Headed This Way

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