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'Shameless' Season 8 Trailer: Does Anybody Really Want A Good Frank?

By Emily Cutler | Shameless | October 4, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Shameless | October 4, 2017 |

Our very own Ursula was kind enough to remind me via some visual clues that season eight of Shameless is just over a month away (again, Urs, you’re a literal angel).

Here’s the thing about Shameless, I’m not only sure that I distrust “Saint Francis,” I’m also pretty sure that I don’t even want him to get better. I mean, if he’s actually doing the work to repair his relationships and make amends to his kids, fine. It seems like that will make it less likely that he’ll be actively hurting them so that’s better. But is it even possible to amend for a lifetime of neglect and outright abuse? Is there any way that Frank could actually do better than not actively injuring his kids?

Especially given that at this point, Fiona has (wisely in my opinion) stepped away from being her siblings’ defender. Lip and Ian are both legal adults, and mostly on their own. And while Debbie and Carl aren’t emancipated yet, they definitely aren’t listening to anything she says. There comes a point where good parenting is less about telling, and more about modeling. Her behavior tells the little ones that she demands to have her own life as they should. Her burgeoning career shows them that even in their neighborhood, they can expect to do more than hard labor or scam the system. But it’s important to remember that Fiona, despite whatever she’s doing now, was the one there for them for all those years.

Take the apparent plot of what I expect to be the first episode. The younger Gallaghers are trying to sell their meth while Fiona buried hers with her mother, and Frank responsibly smoked his half-pound. When the dealer Monica stole the meth from finds out who has his drugs, he comes after them. The family digs up Monica’s grave to retrieve Fiona’s share as any normal person would, but it ends with Frank defending his family. Fiona is literally framed in a supporting role.


It’s kind of a nice callback to the season 2 premier where Fiona and team had to retrieve Liam from the drug dealer Frank had lost him to. Only the switch up in roles doesn’t exactly match up. Frank was the problem the first time, and Fiona saved them. The Gallaghers are the problem this time, and Frank gets to seem like the hero. If the show doesn’t at least address that fact, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hang in for-

What’s that? They do the slow walk again, and Lip is disheveled in a somber way?


Ok, yeah. One-hundred-percent in.

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