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Why Can't I Get Just One Kiss? Hollywood's Most Luscious Man Lips

By Cindy Davis | Lists | June 17, 2011 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | June 17, 2011 |

The other day while in the midst of a Facebook discussion of J.J. Abrams’ productions, the inevitable “Felicity” Noel vs. Ben debate was revisited and I got to thinking about Scott Foley’s delectable, beautiful, pillowy lips. And of course, those thoughts eventually led me to thinking about all the lips and whose lips are best and well, here we are. Beauty being subjective, I realize that not everyone has the same aesthetic, but I do have a lip philosophy I must share: Never trust someone with no lips (or terribly thin ones that give the appearance of no lips). People with no lips are stern and sinister and sneaky and conniving; they have bitter, black hearts that cannot be penetrated. Take from it what you wish, this is simply my prejudice experience. When you kiss someone, you want to feel his soft (yet, intentional), fluffy (not enhanced), firm, but yielding lips against your own. So with that in mind, here are Hollywood’s most luscious man lips; ruminate over them as you wish.

10. Leo DiCaprio:

Thumbnail image for leonardo.jpg

9. Brad Pitt:


8. Idris Elba:


7. Guy Pearce:


6. Johnny Depp:


5. James Franco:


4. Javier Bardem:


3. Benedict Cumberbatch:


2. Olivier Martinez:


1. Scott Foley:


And wait, no we are not done, even though you might think Number 1 is Number one…

The Grand Master of All the Holy and Beautiful Lips: Alexander Skarsgård:


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