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We Have the Technology: Building a New "Star Trek" Series

By Cindy Davis | Lists | March 14, 2013 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | March 14, 2013 |

I recently came across the news there’s a new “Star Trek” series (of sorts) in the works, and after running off to research the four corners of the webosphere, my initial excitement quickly abated. In short: it’s been a long time since we’ve had a new Trek series, so some of the series’ actors (Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Ruck, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang) decided to “gift” fans with a homemade production. (The same group previously got together to create “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.”) Funded by a kickstarter, “Renegades” is set to begin production this summer, even as one of its “rising actors” heads to jail for six months.

Here’s the trailer; whose tagline claims “…not your grandfather’s Star Trek;” but the rate of speech argues otherwise.

I think we can do better. Heck, I think I can do better—at the very least—in assembling a cast. Let’s get this thing going on SyFy, people. Additional cast suggestions welcome.

The Captain: Jamie Bamber


First Officer: Dichen Lachman


Chief of Security: Keith David


Helmsman: Brian Austin Green


Communications Officer/Betazoid: Mädchen Amick

Mädchen Amick.jpg

Chief Medical Officer: John Barrowman


Science Officer: Gareth David-Lloyd


Chief Engineer: Michelle Rodriquez


Klingon Officer: Ron Perlman


Medic/Nurse/Half Vulcan: Tessa Thompson


Android/Assistant Science Officer: Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney.jpg

Now we just need a name…

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) thinks we can keep this under Six Million Dollars.