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To Quote James Earl Jones, Here's A Complete List Of The Hottie McHottersons Rumored To Be Circling 'Star Wars'

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 13, 2014 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | January 13, 2014 |

There has been a maelstrom of rumors swirling around the upcoming Star Wars franchise overhaul with more Hollywood names thrown at the project than we can possibly track. The latest word is that Episode VII will feature Han, Leia and Luke in the lead roles, establishing the saga with familiar faces before spinning off the rest of the series by following their children. If Abrams thinks our unfamiliarity with Anakin Skywalker was the problem with the episodes I-III he missed the point. I’m not sure how excited I am for and older Luke, Leia and Han to lead the charge. That way seems more destined for trade embargo talks than zippy hallway blaster fights. But even though we don’t know yet who will be donning the brown or black robes for the upcoming films, it’s impossible to ignore that caliber of names that have been linked to the project. Which are you most hoping will land it and should they even take it, if offered? Can you possibly say no to Star Wars? Ewan McGregor may have wished he’d tried.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender
I mean, really, at this point, neither of these actors need more work or more franchises on their CVs. With Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings and X-Men between them, they’re pretty well set up. They could easily pass. But will they? The lure of being part of something so large and important must be strong.

Chiwetel Ejiofor
Ejiofor’s popularity is on a huge uptick this year and we know for a fact that he can lend a much-needed gravitas to any space opera. (See: Serenity…now.) Here’s what Ejiofor recently said about his involvement: “Who knows? We’ll just have to see. I don’t know is really the only answer I can give you. I’m a huge fan of [the ‘Star Wars’] world and JJ, but I don’t know. I can’t tell you.”

Adam Driver
This guy already has one foot out the door of Girls and I don’t know what they’re going to do without him. He was the very best part of the first two episodes of season 3. But he’s in demand. I don’t know if I can quite see him giving up his much talked about “artistic cred” to be in Star Wars but, then again, he’s currently the face of Gap so integrity might not be the #1 item on his list.

Hugo Weaving
Well, ditto Weaving. The last thing he needs is another sci-fi franchise. That being said, he is pretty perfect for the role they’re considering him for. Imperial Commander? He’ll fill out those sharp uniforms quite nicely.

Jack O’Connell
Who? Exactly. O’Connell’s CV is packed with British credits that didn’t make it across the pond. Unless you’re a huge Skins fan, this kid might be a complete mystery to you. That could be a good thing (think: Ford, Harrison) or a bad thing (think: Lloyd, Jake). This would be a huge coup for O’Connell and, for better or worse, it would make him a household name.

Sullivan Stapleton
What we have here is basically Sam Worthington redux. I cannot, for the life of me, nail down what this guy actually looks like. He’s a big pile of bland with washboard abs. Casting him would be a mistaking.

Alex Pettyfer
But casting this monumental edifice of douchery would be even worse. He makes Hayden Christensen look downright appealing by comparison.

Jesse Plemons
Yes! Yes please! Please give Landry all the roles you were going to give Riggins. He’s proved he’s the second best kid to come out of Friday Night Lights. Second only to…

Michael B. Jordan
Jordan already gets to be the next Human Torch. Is being a Jedi as well a little too greedy? Not that I mind. Michael B. Jordan for everything! Michael B. Jordan to play Meryl Streep!

Saoirse Ronan
The only female name to be seriously kicked around and that’s a good thing. She’s perfection. After seeing her hop around and kill all the things in Hanna I cannot wait to see her with a blaster in her hand.

No matter who’s cast, they can all look forward to a ripe and enriching future. If whatever it is James Earl Jones is up to is any indication.

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